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Vietnamese restaurant to open on Jackson Ave., by Court Square station

Bia Restaurant, 23-10 Jackson Ave.

Bia Restaurant, 23-10 Jackson Ave.

Jan. 15, 2015 By Christian Murray

A Vietnamese restaurant is opening by the Court Square train station in the location that was previously occupied by Quiznos.

Bia Restaurant, which currently has a location in Williamsburg, is expected to open at 23-10 Jackson Ave. in April, according to owner Hoan Quan.

The restaurant is across the street from MoMA PS 1 and is a block away from the old 5Pointz building.

Quan said the menu will be very similar to what’s being offered at the Williamsburg location (67 S 6th St), which includes dim sum, noodles, pho and banh mi sandwiches

The Court Square restaurant will be 2,000 sqf., with room for 60 chairs and space for 9 seats at the bar.

Quan went before Community Board 2 last night seeking a full liquor license. He was approved.

The board gave Quan permission to open until 1 am on weekends and until midnight on weeknights.

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When’s the last time you went into Key food? I haven’t noticed a cat piss smell, well maybe under the old owners but that was a few years ago. If you have been by lately you will see that they are expanding into the space next door and renovating. Probably because of the food cellar opening. If you want to save money you will have to go further away to the Stop n shop or food bazaar on Northern Blvd. Those type of grocery stores won’t open here. There isn’t a big space for them. Start an email campaign to get a trader joe’s.


I did sign a petition for trader joes! They replied and thanked me and that’s all. As far as keyfood, yes I have been shopping there since the new management has arrived! They suck!
I’ve called 311 and other neighbors as well due to Their chicken stanking like farts on 6 occasions! Last time which was a few months ago they wouldn’t even give me a refund! They obviously don’t follow proper handling-practicing of their products, especially poultry!
Their prices are labeled wrong as well! I’ve lost count how many times I’d have to go back because they overcharged me! Sorry for ranting! But they must go!


I do like Vietnamese food! I welcome them.
But how about a real supermarket, one that actually saves you money not like the new food cellar that was supposed to open eps ago! Key food sucks and it smells like cat piss!

Irving Thornbirdge

I like these guys. Started in WIlliamsburg, serve a solid and consistent product, and deserve all their success. I even like their Pho!
Let’s take a look at the landscape of LIC:
Bricktown Bagels – they have a food!
Dorian Cafe – food there!
Bareburger – might have food?
That Deli by new city – food!
Corner Bistro – food
Woodbines – oh they gotta food
Alobar – used to have a food, they probably still do
Madrea – hey, they have a food!
Blend – has food
Petey’s Burger – ummm, yep. Food
Juniors – has Food
…and for the adventurous willing to walk, idk, half a block
station bar – has a food
creek & cave – has food
millie’s deli – food
court square diner – food

Pretty soon all of the vacant storefronts will be occupied! LIC city is starting to look like a nice place and this needs to stop. I miss the days when a firm handshake meant something, and all the storefront were vacant. Now a day it’s all about people complaining because business are coming to the area and stimulating the local economy. That’s why I miss the days when nothing was in the area so no one could bitch and moan that a restaurant that doesn’t serve the kind of food they like.


Yo, for real though, that half a block walk to Junior’s is more than worth it!

Also, best post in ages.

Pasty McTransplant

i agree. soon there will be entire markets selling food. it won’t even be prepared. this all needs to stop.

i really hope this place has a hamburger though. still not sure where to find one around LIC.


Great news! Much better than Quiznos that used to be there. We need more restaurants in that area.


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