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Teenage bicyclist dead after being struck by car at Queens Plaza last month

Location (GMaps)

Location (GMaps)

Aug. 7, 2015 By Michael Florio

A Long Island City teenager died this week after being struck by a car while riding his bicycle in Queens Plaza last month, according to the NYPD.

Kevin Lopez, 18, died Wednesday from injuries he sustained after he was hit by a car while riding his bicycle at Queens Plaza North/29th Street on July 28.

Lopez was riding his bike northbound on 29th Street in a designated bicycle lane at roughly 2:14 pm, when a 2010 Mercedes Benz that was traveling westbound on Queens Plaza North struck him, police said.

The impact sent Lopez flying off his bicycle, over the hood and into the windshield of car, according to police.

The police discovered him lying on the roadway with severe head trauma.

EMS responded to the scene and transported Lopez to Cornell Hospital. Lopez died from his injuries Wednesday night.

The 35-year-old driver nor his 39-year-old fellow passenger suffered any injuries, according to police.

There were no arrest made and the investigation is still ongoing.

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Any life lost in an accident is a shame and my heart goes out to Kevin’s family & friends but as a cyclist and a motorist in this town, I have to say the sudden explosion of cyclists and all the designated bike lanes will mean more accidents between vehicles and bicycles, which in all cases the cyclist will be on the losing-end of the situation. I think it’s a huge mistake by all those encouraging people to “Bike LIC”, including the addition of CitiBikes(which was recently announced by Citibank to be a losing venture and may begin to be scaled-back in Manhttan) because this neighborhood, it’s roads & intersections are NOT bike friendly and most cyclists are recreational riders—meaning, they are not agile or alert enough when riding to anticipate and/or get out of the way of dangerous situations. I see riders 2 and 3-wide on Vernon Blvd instead of single-file just pedaling their way down the street, oblivious to traffic around them, yet confident that the protective bubble of a painted bike lane will keep them from harms’ way. Many do not regard or respect that a 2,500lb+ piece of metal, glass & plastic can’t stop on a dime nor can the driver anticipate the unpredictable. Many cyclists assume they have the right of way in all circumstances and ride thru intersections without even checking left-to-right(forget looking over their shoulder to see whats’s behind) before they proceed. This is yet another problem not anticipated by our local government & community board. The people deadset on improving & increasing the real estate value of LIC are horribly short-sighted on upgrading the roadway infrastructure of the area, in doing so. Center Blvd & 5th Street from Borden Ave to 45th has the worst planning/layout of One-Way streets I have ever seen and is only ADDING to the traffic problems of the neighborhood—so as we infuse and attract more (inexperienced) cyclists to the area, you can pretty much count on the frequency of severe injuries to cyclists to increase as well.

Astoria Resident

So sad, but expect more. This is not a safe city for bicyclists. Ride at your own risk.

Amadeo Plaza

Such a shame. My heart goes out to the family. That intersection is a shit-show. Everyone needs to be more cautious when going through there. Especially the overzealous drivers trying to get across the bridge.


The cars zip through that curve going west. Strange considering the DOT has hundreds of their officers stationed in one of those buildings.

That whole Queens Plaza/Queens Blvd, Northern Blvd, Jackson Ave intersection is scary if you are on a bike.

Nick Busa

When returning home from work by bicycle I saw the police doing their investigative work . It is truly sad this kid lost his life. A reminder that the cars coming right off the turns at the intersections really pick up speed! Always proceed looking both ways even when you have the right of way and the light is green. Driving visions are somewhat obscured around this area. Whether walking or cycling never assume. Second accident in three months at this area.


There must be something wrong with this reporting. 29 Street does not cross the Plaza; the cyclist must have been crossing Queens Plaza North from the bike lane adjacent to Dutch Kills Green headed towards 29 Street, and got struck at that intersection. That’s terrifying if true, because it likely means the Benz was speeding around that blind corner where tourists now call home (two or three hotels right next to each other).


Sorry to hear that. I was struck by a car from behind while riding in a bike lane in Williamsburg except the car that struck me left the scene. Super dangerous out there! Wear helmets, be aware and have lights and reflective gear. I am lucky to be alive myself.


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