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Put Banksy in perspective, one man argues

Oct. 15, 2013 Staff Report

A man seeking the safe return for Avonte Oquendo, the missing autistic boy who went missing in Long Island City, urged a crowd of photographers in front of the new Banksy piece in Woodside to be just as diligent in tracking down the boy as they are in searching for the Banksy’s art work.

Local resident George Burles produced the video.

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linda oboyle

good job Christian Amez. Thought it was you. We need more people like you spreading the word and help the children of today,

The guy who made the video

Thank you Mr. Amez for your efforts in finding this young man and for helping people focus on what really matters. The Banksy circus is entertaining and good fun but we shouldn’t lose our priorities.

Thanks to LICPost for putting the video up. Many people have seen it now. Hopefully it will help.


Christian Amez

Thank you to the first two commenters. I don’t think I did anything spectacular, but I hope the same sentiments go out to all those that put work into putting up / handing out Avonte fliers all over NYC.

Linnette Hernandez Rondon

God please bring him home safe!!! I live in Jersey and my mind is always on Avonte I have a autistic 5 year old son and I cant even imagine how this family must be feeling… I love to see how strangers have grouped together to find him and bring comfort to his family. Continue working and doing what your doing!!! I have faith. .. I wish so much I was able to go out and help search, I will continue praying and declaring his safe return ♥


You won’t find any yuppies in the Hunters Point waterfront out canvassing for that kid, that’s for sure

Chris Mankowski

Good for him for getting the word out. My thoughts, prayers, and vigilance is with you in the search


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