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Plans Filed for 21-Story Office Building to go up by Queensboro Bridge

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Jan. 9, 2020 By Kristen Torres

Plans have been filed for a 21-story office building to go up by the Queensboro Bridge

The proposed building would replace two industrial and manufacturing structures located at 42-11 Queens Plaza South. Plans for the new construction were filed with the city’s Department of Buildings on Jan. 7.

The new development would be 370 feet tall, consisting of 321,308 square feet. Retail and light manufacturing space is expected take up the first three stories, while floors four through 21 would be for office use.

The building has long been home to Titan Machine Corp., a company that repairs and services elevators.

The plans include an enclosed parking lot with 67 parking spaces, according to city records.

Plans for the structure also reveal two separate terraces to be built on the third and tenth floors.

Ninth Street Management, LLC bought the building in August 2017 for nearly $3 million.

However, RXR Realty, the large real estate development and management company, is listed as the owner on the Building permit.

RXR owns the Standard Motor Products Building at 37-18 Northern Blvd.

42-11 Queens Plaza South (Source: City Planning)



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Local resident

But what’s in it for me? I want something too! Can you promise me a high paying job just bacause I happened to be born here? And a cheap place to live too.


Does this mean jobs for people in the neighborhood? Are they setting aside affordable apts for lower income citizens in the neighborhood?


WHY aren’t we building modern light/medium industrial facilities for individuals who are intelligent want to work(but not sit in front of a computer)and produce needed product NOT shipped halfway round the world.We all don’t have double master degrees in art and English literature AND think getting our hands dirty is a bad thing

This is what that is

> light manufacturing space

Try reading the article before you rant about…English literature?

Common sense

Because if you want for something to happen you have to put your effort into it and many people hope for someone else to start the trend or are afraid to take the risk. Thank god we have trust fund babies starting businesses that an average person would be afraid to stake their life savings on. But many of them succeed. Look at Brooklyn now. So if you want for something like this to happen then you have to not be afraid to take major risks.


Will it have a dry cleaners, an estate agent, and a nail salon? Otherwise, what is the point of this monstrosity?

Fed Up

Why? Why are we getting another giant office building? So it can stay vacant for years along with all the other ones there already. God forbid something is built in the community that the current residents can enjoy.

Fed up? Build something yourself for your community needs.

But seriously. The more office workers there are in the neighborhood the more demand there will be for a lunch place and a pharmacy, among other things which should come eventually. It’s very shortsighted to complain about this new construction. If you want something sooner, build it yourself.


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