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Owner of John Brown Smokehouse to open Texas BBQ joint, Offers Sneak Peak Next Week


27-20 40th Avenue

Aug. 17, 2016 By Hannah Wulkan

The owner of John Brown Smokehouse, Josh Bowen, is opening a new Texas barbecue joint called Mothership Meat Company, equipped with a BBQ pit big enough to roast a whole hog.

Bowen has teamed up with the Queens Dinner Club to offer a sneak peak of the cuisine next week.

The Queens Dinner Club, a group that hosts a monthly meal at a local eatery, will hold its August 22 event at the new Mothership Meat Company, located at 27-20 40th Avenue at 7 p.m . In addition to mountains of barbecue, Bowen himself will be taking to the stage with his band, the John Brown All Stars.

QDC founder and local chef Jonathan Forgash explained that this will be an opportunity for the neighborhood to come together for an old-fashioned, picnic-style BBQ. “It’s not really about a business, there’s not tons of money being made. We just get to eat, hang with friends and neighbors, and do something cool that helps everybody,” he said.

Forgash said he has been a friend and fan of Bowen since he opened John Brown in its first location five years ago, and when he heard about the opening of Mothership, he suggested a pre-opening collaboration and Bowen jumped at the idea.

“He was all in for the sneak peak, and we immediately began riffing on menu ideas,” Forgash said. Ultimately, they settled on a menu that will include Mothership Meat Co. Signature Brisket with garam masala pepper rub, Astoria Special Short Rib pastrami, Yuzu Smoked Duck, Smoked Whole Hog, Slaw, JB Cornbread, and Saffron Bread Pudding.

At Motherhouse, Bowen has managed to maintain the traditional appeal of true Texas-style barbecue, but has also put a creative spin on it by embracing the diversity of Queens, and the spices that come with it. He is using unique spices such as garam-masala, and cooking fats like ghee, or clarified butter.

“He deserves a lot of credit for maintaining the traditional feel and still being free enough to step outside the box,” Forgash said of Bowen.

Though no official opening date for Motherhouse has been released, Forgash said he hopes to announce it at the event on Monday.

Bowen could not be reached for comment by the time of publication.

Tickets for the sneak peek opening of Motherhouse Meat Company cost $60, and can be purchased here: 


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I went to this place and it was so whatever I couldn’t believe they haven’t gone out of business. Why not focus on making it better, instead of diverting your attention? I know it is a ego hit to hear someone s- on your restaurant, and I am sure you work hard, but you need to know it has to be improved, or it will not last in NYC.


Um, the new place isn’t open, and John Brown’s is obviously doing well enough to fund opening another restaurant, so you’re wrong.


To Hmmmm,

You are probably right. I just don’t like someone speaking as me , when in fact it is not me. Some people believe it is me and say nasty things I don’t deserve. The FAKE MRLIC deserves that criticism. I don’t waste a lot of my time. I do across many FAKE MRLIC posts however.

What about community?

Whatever moron thinks Hill Country is better has clearly not had enough/real BBQ and is clearly basing said knowledge off a bunch of Manhattan chains, etc. What a joke. Complaining about the interior is sad too since I am pretty sure Josh is supporting locals here as well (take it or let it be). PLUS IT’S A BBQ JOINT. Did you even see the old spot on 29th street?? JB is clearly all about the food – as it should be. But perhaps those complaining here don’t care about any of that since you’re occupying condos and apartments that are uprooting local arts/businesses just like what makes this one special. If you want “artisanal” BBQ in a “posh, yet rustic atmosphere” you should probably stick your head up your ass where you’ll likely will feel right at home 😉


The DUMB FAKE MRLIC wrote the August 19, 2016 post about John Brown Smokehouse. I will continue to EXPOSE his FAKE MRLIC POSTS when I come across them.


Dude you need to find something better to of with your time

Forget that other guy and his childish usage of your handle.

Move on man!


Please do not expose yourself. The real MRLIC would never threaten to expose himself, it is illegal and immoral. Proof you are the fraud! You are sick!


I hope the decor is nicer than John Brown Smokehouse, that place is a real dump inside. It’s so bad I wouldn’t even be mad if they turned it into a luxury condo.

glad to see

Now LIC will have 2 bad BBQ places. What a waste. Why can’t Hill-country do an LIC outpost?

Phil MaCrackin

Bad? John Brown Smokehouse is great and if this is anything like it, it should be really good. You’re probably the same type person who thinks crappy Butcher Bar is good because they throw the organic label on it. Or you enjoy shitty Dallas BBQ. And considering Bowen used to be a pitmaster at Hill Country BBQ years ago your statement shows you know nothing and is just plain stupid.


John Brown Smokehouse is total garbage, nowhere near the good places like Fette Sau, Hometown, even Mighty f-ing Quinn’s is way better; and you don’t have to eat off of sticky old plastic checkerboard tablecloths that haven’t been wiped down in ages. That place is consistently bad–it’s like the food version of MRLIC’s comments.


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