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NYPost: Luxury building fences off low-rent tenants

Q41-21-10-41st-avenue-queensDec. 8, 2014 Staff Report

The landlord who owns one Long Island City building has fenced off the terraces occupied by low-rent tenants, according to a New York Post story.

The building known as Q41, located at 23-10 41st Avenue, has 117 units, with all but eight units deemed affordable and priced for middle-income earners.

Eight of the tenants with affordable units no longer have access to their large terrace space, according the Post. The large terraces for these tenants have been fenced off.

Market rate units with similar terraces have no wire barricade.

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What’s next? Separate public bathrooms and water fountains for those in affordable units? Making it illegal for them to walk on sidewalks and force them to walk in the gutter instead?

To anyone who defends this kind of unequal treatment, shame on all of you. People have fought and died in this country and around the world to defend just the kind of freedoms you are so willing to throw away to a bunch of fuc_ing yuppie pigs who suck up tax money and offer absolutely nothing of value to anyone, anywhere.

Nice knowing you New York. You are officially DONE.


I suspect a number of these repliers would love to have separate sidewalks so the riffraff don’t muddle them.


The original article also posts that they were told they’d have the space.

A lot of people seem to have no problem with corporate welfare but if someone is paying 25% less for an apartment, they’re portrayed as the devil.


give me more give me give me give me more more more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So Ungrateful, I want everything for nothing too! Be glad that you qualify and stop bitching!

Stop your noise

Don’t be ridiculous. It’s not being ungrateful to expect to be able to use a terrace outside your apartment and to not be fenced in like a head of cattle. No one ever complains about the enormous tax breaks and other goodies the rich have been given for years. But the minute your average Joe gets a look-in, the crazy “free marketers” go bonkers. Get a grip.

Amadeo Plaza

I agree with Stop Your Noise. I pay market rate for a 2BR/2BA. Yeah, sure I’d like to pay what they’re paying, and pocket the extra ~$1500. But I don’t. Doesn’t make me any better or worse than them. They just want to have access to their FULL apartment. Nothing outlandish about that. I’d be pissed too if I didn’t get to access everything that was shown to me when I signed the lease.


The only people I know who constantly demand “give me more give me give me …” are disgusting 1% MFers who work in places like Goldman or JP Morgan that only exist because of the generosity of the public taxpayers. You people do absolutely nothing of worth, and you are casting judgment on decent hard-working people. Unbelievable! You should be grateful someone with balls hasn’t thrown you in jail.

You people have sucked the life out of NYC and you’re still not happy. Now you want to put middle-class people in wire cages to prevent them from sharing public spaces with you. This isn’t the city I grew up in. Who are F are you???


Hey “Disgusted”, New York is the financial capital of the world; so instead of complained about the people who makes money from that industry, you should quit your McDonald job and send you resume to any of those firms. happy!


It won’t be for long. You have London and Shanghai. Even Bloomberg didn’t like dependency on Wall St. If you work on Wall St you know when layoffs come you may never get hired back. Maybe you can become a bank teller one day. LIC is built on an industrial dump. Enjoy.


In order to be approved for building, these structures had to commit to a % of their units as affordable housing. Seeing as we all pay the taxes for the services that make these places desirable, requiring them to make less of a profit on some of their housing units is reasonable. Their actions to make those units less desirable is not only disgusting, but a breach of contract with the community that allowed a hi-rise to be built there in the first place.

Yammering on about how those who have less should be treated badly, just makes you Ayn Rand idiot.


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