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New sushi restaurant to open on Vernon


Oct. 31, 2014 Staff Report

A new sushi restaurant is opening on Vernon Blvd.

The restaurant will be located at 46-44 Vernon Blvd between Alobar and Petey’s Burger.

The establishment is expected to open by the new year and currently does not have a name, according to Matt Quigley, whose company Plaxall owns the property.

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glad to see

Yes your still funny. I am just disappointed with our choices here so far. I really can’t stomach any of the sushi around here lately. I wish there was just one place I personally felt was yummy.

glad to see

Hey “nice” This is not about snobbery. I like nobu and he is a very well respected chef. Yes the prices maybe off the wall but I enjoy it. It is super fresh and inventive. Shi and Hibino are inedible. So you clearly have no idea what you are talking about but, you are funny.


Inedible is pretty excessive. Duane Reade Sushi is inedible. The sushi my niece makes in her play kitchen is inedible. The sushi from my office cafeteria is inedible. (you get the point).

For a random Wednesday night sushi craving, Hibino and Shi are good. Just as I said above. Out of this world, no, but good and edible, absolutely.

It’s all relative but using such melodramatic and extreme vocab makes it really hard to take any opinion into consideration.

There are a number of sushi chefs who provide sushi that is super fresh, inventive, and are also still on the good side of mainstream/tourist traps. Never said Nobu wasn’t good, but don’t believe it to be the ultimate to which all other tastings of sushi should be scaled against.

Lastly, pricing needn’t come into play when evaluating the awesomeness of food – there are phenomenal sushi counters that are on par with your beloved nobu that charge far less and ridiculously overpriced sushi joints that seemingly sourced their fish from the hudson – price is not my issue here.

ps –
Q: how do you know when you have met a nosey pepper?
A: because he’s jalapeno business

Still think I’m funny? 🙂


SHI is good, so is Hibino. Would I love a destination sushi/japanese joint, yes. Would I rank all sushi places against the commercial tourist trap known as nobu, no.

Compare it to Cagen, or Seki, or Sasabune, or even blue ribbon and we can chat, but this “nobu-grade” talk is absurd. Next thing you will say is that all the burger joints aren’t McDonalds-grade. Jeez.

If you are going to be a snob about something, make sure you really know the snob scale.


Ahhh The New LIC. The perpetual war between the tower residents and everyone else. Now to be fought on the suishi front.

glad to see

Back in 2008 we had a place here called lucky mojo’s and the sushi chef was a friend of mine named Harry. He was a top chef at nobu and was the executive sushi chef at lucky mojo. I would often choose to see him instead of going to the city to eat at nobu. Unfortunately the place was on a side street and didn’t survive. Sally if you had any idea what you were talking about you might be relevant. Not only is Nobu quality sushi possible here, it was here for years. (I am only speaking about the Sushi place upstairs. Not the awful BBQ downstairs) Nobu Grade FTW hope you like the taste of car bumper!! Meaning I hope you are wrong and have to eat your words!! I want good sushi here just as I am sure you do too. People Hibino Unfortunately is not in the same league as what i am talking about, Sorry I wish it was. I would eat there very often


Are u sure this can really open by “the new year”? It’s already early November. Assuming they started work recently, I’m highly skeptical a restaurant can get set up in two months especially during the holidays with contractors going on vacation, etc.

Nobu Grade FTW!

Man, i wish there were $200/plate sushi dinners on Vernon. Really. That ranks right up there with being hit by a car.

Hibino is a-ok in my book. I’d like to see more diversity in the culinary landscape of LIC but welcome any new forms of deliciousness.


Nothing in this neighborhood is Nobu grade. That is hilarious that you even think it is a possibility.


Don’t count on this place being good. Will be Hibino quality at best. BTW, the food at Shi is good but at those prices? Ouch.

glad to see

I am happy to see others that understand that even though there are several sushi spots none of them are edible. I am hoping this is not another place I will eat at once and never go back to. Please Please Please be Nobu grade!!!!!!!!!!


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