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New bar on Vernon Blvd set to open Thursday

Pat Burke putting the finishing touches on his Vernon Blvd establishment

Pat Burke putting the finishing touches on his Vernon Blvd establishment

Aug. 12, 2013 By Christian Murray

Long Island City, NY: A gastro-pub is scheduled to open at 47-10 Vernon Boulevard this Thursday where the storied Lounge 47 used to operate.

The pub, to be called Woodbines, is owned by Pat Burke, who runs three other bar/restaurants throughout the city—including the Courtyard in Sunnyside.

Burke said that Woodbines, named after the cigarettes his grandfather smoked in Ireland, would offer 12 craft beers, 50 different types of bottled beers, and an Irish-themed bar menu.

He said there would be no TVs inside the pub, since he aims to create a local pub atmosphere. However, there will be power outlets placed throughout the bar so patrons can power up—and use– their lap tops, iPads and other devices. Furthermore, there will be Wi-Fi.

He said that SingleCut Beersmiths, an Astoria-based brewery, is working on a pale ale exclusively for his bars. The unique brew is expected to be ready in about 4 to 6 weeks. He plans to reach out to some of the Long Island City brewers as well.

Burke said the interior of Woodbines has been designed to have a rustic look. He said that a lot of time was spent finding old timber from Pennsylvania as well as vintage lamps. “We want to create a comfortable atmosphere,” he said.

The menu will include items such as: scotch eggs, sausage rolls, jerk chicken, pork sliders, beef sliders, lamb nachos, fish & chips, lamb meatloaf, chick curry, burgers and salads.

Some of the produce will come from local farmers– while the bacon will come from the Butcher Block in Sunnyside, a well-known Irish meat & grocery store.

Burke is not permitted to use the backyard space at Woodbines. This stems from an old controversy when the former tenant, Lounge 47, was denied the use of it after several neighbors complained about noise.

Burke, 39, owns the Courtyard as well as the Brickyard Gastropub in Manhattan and the Kent Ale House in Williamsburg.

Lounge 47

Woodbines to open Thursday where Lounge 47 was located.

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A curfew was forced on the garden at the Lounge and it was accepted and dutifully respected for several years. It’s not that the curfew was reasonable or unreasonable–it was the resolution to a long argument, an agreement that ought to have put an end to the harassment. But the garden was permanently shut down on what amounts to a technicality having nothing to do with the garden, a technicality that was discovered and exploited by a neighbor whose obsession had grown progressively antagonistic. In light of the curfew, and the exacting way the Lounge adhered to it, breaking the back of the business, as he did, may be construed by some as an act of bad faith. That’s how I see it, anyway. Meanwhile, I’m a pretty respectful neighbor. Just. Like. You.

Respectful neighbor

Don’t get your knickers in a bunch sunny boy, because you are the fool.

You know what in talking about.

No one is asking to shut down the streets, we all live with the traffic and noise.

Traffic is mild and stops at a certain time.

What we don’t have to live with is businesses that want to use back yards for their customers.

Yeah I know you all are for progress…..well then have someone sit in your yard(if you have one) everyday with that constant loud talking,loud laughter,
Loud screeching….hi,hi, omg you look so great…blah blah blah….

Let me know how you like it.

God bless you progressive neighbor, may you have a long noisy day and night.

Sonny L.

I AM A NEIGHBOR you fool. And most neighbors enjoy the back yards. That said, why not move or divert traffic while you’re at it. I know, just shut down commerce – I am on the FIRST FLOOR on VERNON – it’s not the back yards that create noise.

Respectful neighbor

Wow, everyone as their facts wrong. It is not only mr. Garrett that complained about noise, it was a bunch of surrounding neighbors and residence that live in the surrounding home/ blocks facing the same noise issues from other restaurants that want to convert backyards in to open spaces that are noisy and loud 7 days a week. Sure you want restaurants to open back yards for your pleasure, but patrons are visitors to an establishment, we have to live next to these establishments all day everyday.

No one a to leave, but everyone has to respect the surrounding neighbors.

Businesses know about the back yard rules for business. If they don’t want to abide by those rules, open somewhere else!




What right does a business have to make money by compromising a residents quality of life? Please explain why someone should have to listen to drunk people yell and laugh till midnight whilst sitting in their living room. Of course, if one moves into a place with a pre-existing backyard bar, it changes things.


It will improve matters if people whisper when they pass the new place. Better yet, travel a few doors down the sidewalk before speaking into your cellular telephone. It is rumored that the individual possesses some kind of device that measures the precise number of “decibels” emitted by sonic phenomena, that is, every kind of freakin’ sound. But, by “sound,” I really mean an aural stimulus, one that the individual may, or indeed, will, interpret as “noise.” If the individual has such a device, perhaps he has other equipment. This is not a game. We KNOW that he can operate a video camera and that he is capable of manipulating its audio playback in order to make “noises” seem louder–much louder–than the actual sounds themselves.
I also recommend rubber or cork soles.
Now, when I see trucks coming down Vernon, I put a finger to my lips if I think they are likely to see me.
No, not that finger.
I save that for said individual.

Sonny L

JBL – That homeowner ruined it for everyone. It’s loud on Vernon. He should move or let people be. He is a nuisance and if he wants it quiet, maybe he’ll stop all the traffic, too, and stop trucks and commerce.


Only one person complained about the garden use and he sits on the community board.
Write to local politicians to change this.


WG lied, cheated and harassed the owners as well as the patrons of Lounge 47. He should have been arrested for his antics. The owners of L47 turned their cheek to his attacks when they should have filed charges against him.

We all want to live in peace and respect one another. That means compromise and there was none with that man. He was obsessed.

Sorry JLB, but your wrong and I am not uninformed nor a bar hopper.

Now, WG is on the community bd. and attempting to get on the committee that handles liq. licenses.

Watch out Vernon Blvd. bars, you may all have to sell shoes instead of booze.


Can not believe how there is so little compassion towards a homeowner who has bravely represented not only his and his family’s need for peace of mind but also his neighbors. Mr. Garrett was not the only person who was disturbed by the pollution of noise and cigarette smoke coming from the controversial Lounge 47. He was not only backed by his immediate neighbors but by many other people in this neighborhood who are concerned that this sort of encroachment could one day affect them. Lay off this family you uninformed bar hoppers! If you want to be outside while you drink go somewhere else!

LIC Dude

How does someone get to be on a community board? I don’t remember him running for office. Or are they just picked by someone or…?


Mistaking City Council for Community Bd. does not make Sonny’s statement false, as the point is that Garrett is now officially envolved in neighborhood politics as a Community Board member.

Sonny L.

Still it remains that the neighbor is the reason there is no backyard seating on Vernon bet. 47th and 46th


Anything will be better than Lounge 47, the cheesiest bar on the block. The menu was all over the place and the decor felt like a 50’s modern funeral home. Best of luck Woodbines, excited to try you out!


‘m craving traditional pub grub too, like steak and kidney pie, cottage pie, lamb stew, bangers and mash, fish and chips, etc. Ditch the jerk chicken and nachos.


William Garrett sits not on the City Council, but on Community Board 2 here in Queens. And this, of course, is how false information spreads like wildfire on the interwebs.


I’ve heard awful things about that “ONE neighbor” and wonder how in gods name he got in the city council.


maybe he sits on community board, what do I know.
But he’s a pain in the n

Sonny L.

Clearly, the writer of the column should check its sources, there was only ONE neighbor complaining and he (WILLIAM GARRETT) lives next door. Mr. Garrett now also sits on the city counsel and has tried to keep all the restaurants from having back yard access, as far as he can reach. Please note, that everyone loses; the businesses and patrons.

Sonny L.

LIC Dude

Awesome, menu sounds promising and the owner experienced in how to satisfy customers.

Can’t wait!


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