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MTA throws No. 7 train riders a bone, extra trains between 8pm and 10pm on weeknights


April 24, 2015 By Christian Murray

The MTA plans to increase service on the No.7 line in December for a limited number of off-peak hours.

The MTA said that it has added service in response to the growth of ridership during these off-peak periods.

Service will be added to the No. 7 line between 8 pm and 10:00 pm on weeknights. The MTA will be adding two additional new round trips during that period, reducing the average time between trains to 4 ½ minutes.

The MTA will be adding to its off-peak service not just to the 7 line but also to the 2, L and M lines.

“New York is a dynamic city and it continues to grow as new or better housing options become available and more people come here for jobs or school,” said NYC Transit President Carmen Bianco.

“We face the challenge of serving that growing ridership at a time when real estate developers outpace the growth of the city’s infrastructure. By making these schedule changes, New York City Transit is making the most of its resources to deliver service that accurately reflects ridership in growing areas.”

In Queens, the No. 7 line is a major transportation option for residents in rapidly growing neighborhoods such as Long Island City, Woodside, Sunnyside and Flushing. Overall ridership on the 7 line grew by 1.9 percent in 2014.

The Flushing-Main St 7 Subway Line terminal, which serves a rapidly growing residential and business district, moved more than 60,000 customers on an average weekday, the MTA said.

That is more than the combined transit hub for Chambers St (A and C lines), World Trade Center (E line) and Park Place 2 Subway Line (3 Subway line) that serve major tourist destinations and the Financial District.

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Duh uh the extra trains should be running during rush hours not from 8 to 10pm! No logic No freaken brain cells!


Have you noticed that there is a subway toilet at the Flushing terminus?

The only subway toilet in this town remaining, shades of William S. Burroughs.

Why there? Because the Asians are the only people in this town who know how to take a crap.


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