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MTA subway fares to rise Sunday while 7 train is down

7subway1March 19, 2015 Staff Report

The No. 7 train may be down for Long Island City residents this Sunday but it will have no effect on subway prices rising that very same day.

MTA fares are scheduled to rise this Sunday, March 22, after being approved in January.

Single subway rides will be increasing to $2.75—from $2.50—the MTA said, while monthly passes will be raised to $116.50—from $112.

Weekly passes will be $31.

Meanwhile, this weekend there will be no service between Times Square and Hunters Point Avenue.

Additionally, Flushing bound service will skip 33rd, 40th, 46th, 52nd and 69th Streets.

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I'm on a boat!

1 I didn’t propose the boycott, the commentor above did. I proposed a solution to partner w the boat.
2 again, how do I ride the train more when I can barely get on it when I try to ride it now?
3 name calling only shows those who are not name calling that you have nothing of value to add.

Have a great weekend.


Boycotting the MTA may feel good, but it:
1) lowers the fare revenues available to make repairs and 2) lowers ridership numbers used to prove to the NY Assembly the MTA is worth funding.

The only way to improve services is to get vocal and increase ridership. Boycotting only guarantees the MTA will suck worse than it does now.

I'm on a boat!

2 questions for you
1 – How do you increase ridership on a train that isn’t running?
2 – When it is running, how do you increase ridership of trains that are so packed our morning commutes rival China’s train services, without the helpful pusher employees?


1) I presumed you meant a general boycott. If you didn’t, and you are planning to only boycott a train when it is not running, by all means, proceed with your idiocy.

2) I radically propose increasing ridership by riding the train more. Thought this was obvious, I apologize.

I'm on a boat!

My thoughts exactly. Would be even better for the MTA’s dying image, if they made a deal for the Ferry to honor metrocards on down weekends. $6 a trip can get pricey when you were expecting to pay $2.50 (or $2.75) for your whole commute (to cover the whole trip, if you were going to the west side)


Take the east river ferry instead and boycott the mta’s business. Riding the boat is a monumentally more enjoyable commute anyway.


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