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More than 1,000 walk to Trump Tower to display ‘Queens Values’


Nov. 21, 2016 By Christian Murray

More than 1,000 people walked over the Queensboro Bridge to Trump Tower Saturday to voice their dismay about the racist rhetoric coming from Donald Trump in recent months.

Holding signs of “Melting Pot not Despot” and “Build Bridges not Walls,” the protesters gathered at Dutch Kills Green around 1 pm and began their walk after being fired up by speeches from Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer, Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito and City Comptroller Scott Stringer.

Van Bramer said that President Elect Trump, who was raised in Queens, does not possess the values of the people who live in the borough today.

“Queens is about diversity; Queens is about love and equality; and Queens is proud to be the most diverse county in the United States,” Van Bramer said. “We are not going to stand by as immigrants are being used as scapegoats.”

Van Bramer went on to say that Queens rejects misogyny, Islamophobia, homophobia, Antisemitism, a culture that jokes about sexual assaults, as well as hatred directed toward immigrants—including the undocumented.

Van Bramer said that protests such as this—as well as those around the nation—are being held to dissuade the incoming Trump administration from introducing some of its “draconian policies.”

Mark-Viverito told the peaceful crowd, which included a large number of children, that she does not subscribe to the belief of “’let’s give him a chance.’”

“We have already seen what he is about and everything he has put out in his campaign is something he is looking to fulfill,” Mark-Viverito said.

She said that Trump’s appointments already indicate the direction he is going in. “You have an anti-immigrant and a racist attorney general,” Mark-Viverito said, referring to the recently appointed Jeff Sessions,  and an incoming “Vice President [Mike Pence] who wants to take away a woman’s right to choose and take away the rights of our gay brothers and sisters. The writing is already on the wall.”

Stringer said that while residents across all five boroughs come from a variety of different backgrounds they all New Yorkers. “If they fight one group of people, then they are fighting all of us.”

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The only hate I see is coming from the left. They have no respect for anyone’s opinion but theirs. First of all let me give you a little civics lesson. We are a sovereign nation governed by the rule of law. There is no such thing as an undocumented immigrant. They are illegal aliens who thought that all of the advantages that American people have worked for and fought for should be theirs when they only deserve to be deported. There are plenty of people waiting their turn to enter the United States legally. We let in almost 1,500,000 immigrants legally each year. No other country comes close to the amount of people we let enter our nation. The people who come here should become part of the American fabric and the American culture. They should have one goal and that is to become hard working, respectful individuals who learn English, honor our flag and are proud to be given this opportunity by this great country.

We don’t need illegals here or their dreamer children. Send them back. I too have a dream and that is to see the United States flourish.

These losers should let the results of the election sink into their closed minds. They are the only haters and bigots out there since they cannot accept the fact that reasonable, thinking people don’t see their point of view and most of middle class America disagrees with them., The only racists out there are the ones like the liberal, progressive losers who think it is alright for a black president to get 96% of the black vote but id a white man or woman votes for a white candidate they are called racists. Maybe we are just tired of the failed programs, the outrageous entitlements and the lack of responsibility and accountability our present government exudes. All of this stems from the Great Society which was a multi trillion dollar failure. It did very little to bring about an end to poverty in the impoverished communities of this country. It only destroyed incentive to try and attain a better quality of life.

Jimmy and his cohorts should stop whining and realize that outside of the major metropolitan areas in this country their ideology doesn’t play out too well.


Otter_Bob, I would n’t stand a chance against any Dumbocrat in NYC even though I am a Democrat who voted for Trump to bring America back to some standing in the world. Hillary won NYC 82-18% and NY State by 71-29%.


I am a gay woman and a minority and I voted for Trump. I am a lifelong democrat but could not bring myself to vote for Hillary Clinton. I feel unsafe telling people i voted for Donald Trump. I feel unsafe telling people i voted for Mr. Trump. It is just like being gay 30yrs ago, you come out and you are ostracized and shunned. I am amazed at how intolerant people on the “tolerant” left are. It is very disappointing.

I was hoping this event, when initially announced, would be something to bring the community together and help us all move forward together. It seems like it was just a move by Jimmy to rile up his base.

I hope someone runs against him next year.


Jimbo, you are right. The media make Trump out to be a War monger, Hate Monger and Racist. anti-Immigrant pig. He is not Anti Immigrant–He is Anti Illegal Immigrant. He is the President and people in about 30 states voted him in. Sure, Hillary had more votes because she carried the Media controlled BIG Cities. NYC-SF are also Sanctuary Cities for Illegals. I hope Trump pulls their Federal Funding.


I really wanted Hillary and her Ted Haggard sidekick VP Caine to win so I could continue to enjoy the benefits of cheap labor and push for war with Russia in Syria….


I like the “60 million bigots” sign … and you wonder why you lost.

Not sure what this march was supposed to accomplish. I am thoroughly convinced most of these people and most of the people that voted for HRC never listened to a Trump speech, never listened to anything he proposed to do, they just let the media tell them what to think and HRC.

IE – It has been almost 2 weeks of president elect trump and so far no nuclear weapons have been launched … i know we were all really worried about that (said sarcastically)

I drove past this march on Saturday, I called it a Parade of losers, which is what it is. You lost, get over it. Time to be an adult.

Milo Yiannopoulos

BTW: I’d like to ask the guy with the sign “the oval office is not a locker room” if he was just as angry at Bill Clinton when he used the Oval Office as his own private brothel.

Milo Yiannopoulos

Enough with the hysterics. Your candidate lost. Get over yourselves, snowflakes.

Did JVB provide blankies and pacifiers for the marchers?


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