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Houseware/Hardware store expected to open next month, while French bakery and beer shop open

kitchen and more

Oct. 24, 2014 By Christian Murray

A kitchen and hardware store located at 47-17 5th Street is expected to open next month.

Ovidio Teja, the owner of Kitchen Plus More, is just waiting on Con Ed approval before he can open.

Taja, who has worked as the general manager at Food Cellar since it opened in 2008, said that he decided to open a kitchen/hardware store since so many grocery store customers would complain that there wasn’t such a store in Hunters Point.

The 2,500 square foot store will sell “anything you can image for the home,” Teja said, whether it be bed sheets or screwdrivers.

The store is currently packed with pots & pans, plumbing items, paint, ironing boards, kitchen appliances to glassware. He said that customers will also be able to get their keys cut at the store too.

He said that anything people can get at Home Depot they will be able to get at his store.

Meanwhile, in other news, the Beer Closet opened last week, while Cannelle Patisserie, the French bakery, opened yesterday.

In addition, Urban Market, the gourmet store located at 2-14 50th Avenue, is expected to open during the first week of November, the general manager said today.

Beer Closet


French bakery
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Tommy marbles

Glad to see the new housewear hardwear store open in this area really needed this . From the outside doesn’t look very big but looks can fool ya they have it all the workers are friendly and very helpful wish them luck welcome


I spoke to the owner of this new hardware store and he said he won’t make it as a high-end store. He prices everything in an attractive price and people can really enjoy the store… Can’t wait for it open!


I’m not trying to be negative. I love the idea of a hardware store coming back to the neighborhood but I guarantee you it will be grossly overpriced.


That train has left the station a LOOOOng time ago, yoursource. And as long as it is “real hardware” store — and not stocked with ridiculous chrome-plated hammers with organically sourced pure rubber handles — look at it as paying a bit more for the convenience of not having to waste your time schlepping to another neighborhood or getting aggravated at Home Depot. Plus, you’re keeping dollars in ol’ LIC.

Lic fan

Excellent we need both, a hardware and small kitchen store. Glad to see some variety, hopefully more will follow.


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