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Highly anticipated ramen restaurant to open Monday

Mu Ramen (Facebook)

Mu Ramen (Facebook)

Nov. 29, 2014 By Christian Murray

The seating is limited and the lines are expected to be long.

Joshua and Heidy Smookler are finally opening their highly anticipated ramen restaurant at 12-09 Jackson Avenue on Monday called Mu Ramen.

The restaurant will have 22 seats—16 to be part of a large communal table, while the remaining six seats to be located next to the chef.

Given the small space, the restaurant will only cater to groups of four people or less. Furthermore, strollers are not permitted inside the restaurant.

The restaurant will be open from 5:30 to 10:00 pm Monday-Saturday. Heidy Smookler originally wanted to remain open until 4 am in order to draw late-night workers in the hospitality industry. However, she received push back from Community Board 2.

The restaurant got its start in November 2013 when it operated out of Bricktown Bagels in the evenings. The husband-and-wife duo began serving steamed buns and bowls of ramen.

Both have worked at highly acclaimed restaurants. He worked in the kitchen at Per Se, while she worked at Buddakan in Manhattan.

Mu Ramen, while it was operating out of Bricktown Bagels ( 51-06 Vernon Blvd), won high praise in the New York Times and several other outlets that helped raise its profile.

The restaurant offers four bowls of ramen (click for menu) ranging in price from $15 to $18 with a variety of toppings at extra cost.

Long Island City residents will have another ramen restaurant to choose from in March when Tamashii Blue, based out of Astoria, opens at 47-36 Vernon Boulevard.

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How late is late on the weekends after new years Heidy? Hopefully the proposed 4am time you originally wanted?

To a bright future to Mu Ramen!

Pricey, but worth it

Taste the broth, love the broth. It’s more then other bowls, but for a treat once in a while, well worth it.

I’m just dreading the lines, and the asshats this place will draw.

I’m sure the owner of the ‘beer garden’ next door will be kicking themself when they see all the business they’re gonna miss out on, as cold hungry diners are waiting for their table.

heidy he

We are planning to open for late night until on the weekends after the new year. Community board gave the okay for the weekends and we are really looking forward to serving LIC locals and industry folks after hours. Thank you for all the support LIC.

I know $15-$18 can’t buy much these days…Katz deli’s sandwich cost $18+, Paulie gees pizza around the corner cost $15-$20 and ippudo’s ramen is also $15+. What once was cheap ramen is no longer the case. I wish people would not be so negative and try to understand the cost and labor that goes into OUR ramen. There IS a reason why our food is priced this way. We are doing our best keep them as low as possible. It’s okay that we are not for everyone but the bad language and attitude breaks my heart.



Heidy, I run several hospitality businesses (not in the neighborhood) and there are always people who don’t like what you do. Sadly, some people who don’t like it express it in unkind – an usually anonymous – ways. You are going to kick ass so, as hard as it will be, please try and ignore the haters.


Welcome, many of us are very excited and welcome you to the neighborhood (again). I am thrilled!!!

Love LIC

Yes, you should move if that’s your attitude towards new business in the neighborhood. Get over it people, LIC is an extremely desirable area right now. You should feel happy about the fact that people are moving out of Manhattan and into LIC which many of you didn’t even know existed a few years ago. It is an amazing neighborhood without the hustle and bustle of Manhattan.

Love, But Not "In Love" with LIC

Love LIC, if you’ve been here a few years, you know that it’s an amazing neighborhood, but people are bringing the hustle and bustle of Manhattan with them as the neighborhood grows. “The seating is limited and the lines are expected to be long.” Sounds a lot like Manhattan to me! And while I appreciate expensive coffee and great restaurants, a line in Queens or paying more than $4 for a beer used to be laughable.

Anonymous visitor

Welcome indeed! If I can adjust to $5 coffee, $9 glorified bud light, $12 general chows chicken (+tip) and $20,000 for pre-k, I guess I will also adjust to this… If it’s good. I’ll try anything once, everyone else should too before ranting— I love LIC. LIC Post rules!


Yea, I thought that way too before I ate some. It is unbelievable. A welcome addition to the hood. Owners are good people.

Anonymous visitor

Wait wait wait… Did you say $15-18 for a fvcking bowl of soup? Is it made with tempered endangered species semen? Wtf? Even Food Cellar sells Ramen for less than that! Time to move!

Anonymous visitor

Yes please move!!! Sick and tired of people like you complaining about our hood. If it’s not this its something else…just leave and stop
Talking about it!


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