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Developer to break ground on massive residential tower in 3 months


Oct. 16, 2013 By Christian Murray

Another apartment tower is slated for Court Square, this one a gigantic 58-story apartment building located at 42-12 28th Street.

The developer, Heatherwood Communities, plans to break ground on the 469-unit development in about 3 months and expects the giant project to be completed and rented in about 3 years.

The tower will be located between 42nd Road and Queens Plaza South, and will be designed by Goldstein, Hill and West.

The development will include ground floor retail, parking, a third-floor pool, gym and roof terraces on the 45th and 58th floors.

The project will be near Heatherwood’s 27 on 27th, another luxury rental, located at 27-03 42nd Road.

That property, which is comprised of 142 units, was fully leased in August, taking just five months to fill. The rents on that property range from $2,000 for a studio to $4,925 for a 2 bedroom penthouse.

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Born and raised in Brooklyn… No trust fund in sight, though can’t pretend I don’t wish there was. I work hard for a living and I love being a “tower creature.” grow up.


It’s amazing that it took so long for developers to notice these amazing locations in LIC and start making money off them. People who live in LIC came from all over the world or children of immigrants. Very few trust fund babies if any.


Change is always hard for everyone. While I do feel bad for people that are getting priced out of their neighborhood. It is crazy to expect that a neighborhood that is only one subway stop away from one of the world’s most vibrant business centers will remain the same and not move in value when across the river property value is sky rocketing. No one ever said capitalism is perfect or fair but I will take it over any other existing system.

Time's Up

“There are barely any hipsters in LIC, if at all”

Actually, I’d go a step further and say there are no hipsters in LIC at all, considering such designation is a fiction and no such group of people actually exists.

There are lots of human beings in LIC though. That I can promise.


There are barely any hipsters in LIC, if at all. Sorry more young Asians and Indians here working in Midtown than hipsters.

BK is for hipsters, LIC is for people who work for a living…on their own. No trust fund kids here!


So what’s wrong to be a hipster or rich person? If you are poor, go to work and stop barking here!!!!


Ken- you’re either rich, a trust fund baby, about to croak- or a complete idiot to say and think something so elitist like this. Or- you’re just another loaded hipster.

Another Me

@ Malachy: I live and work in LIC and my wife works as well. We are both college-educated and don’t have kids. I enjoy walking to work and not taking the train. We can comfortably afford to live in one of these apartments. We are both from New York. I hope this answers your questions.


I happen to be a native New Yorker and own my condo in LIC and love seeing what’s happening, bringing all sorts of young professionals to the neighborhood, creating new jobs for businesses that serve the area residents and even having people come to our neighborhood from other parts of the city to spend their dollars here. This is a great thing, not seeing that demonstrates enormous shortsightedness and a desire to stand in the way of progress.


The worst thing is that Quinn helped him get the third term when so much of this was pushed through, and now she is gone. A total loss.

New York isn’t for New Yorkers anymore. Its for whomever has money. Where the hell do they get these jobs that they can pay so much for an apartment right next to the trains? And who the hell wants to live so close to the trains? We used to feel sorry for people who had to live so close. Now they are fighting to get in.


how many more hipsters can we squeeeeeeeeeeze into LIC??? affordable housing??? so ready to leave 2 … more years to go!!!!!!!!!!



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