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Brazen thieves lift expensive wheels


Audi (46th Road (btwn. Vernon and 5th Street))

Nov. 23, 2014 By Christian Murray

A group of tire and rim thieves have a taste for fancy wheels.

On Tuesday, thieves struck three cars in Hunters Point—an Audi, BMW and Porsche–striping their tires and rims off and leaving their vehicles on blocks.

The police have caught a suspect—after discovering the tires of the Porsche in his car. The Porsche’s tires were removed while it was parked at 5-22 46th Road., according to police. However, the police did not provide much in the way of details since the alleged perpetrator’s records have been sealed.

The BMW was parked on 51st Avenue (btwn. Vernon Blvd and 5th Street) across the street from LIC Living. A reader sent in a photo (see above) of the vehicle on blocks.

The Audi was parked on 46th Road between Vernon Blvd and 5th Street, according to a reader who sent in the photo.

BMW with its tires and rims removed

BMW with its tires and rims removed


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Center Blvd

Over the past few weeks a few strange things have happened in the neighborhood. Last Monday I saw nearly 10 unmarked police cars in front of 4545. At around 5:45am they escorted a man in sweats out of the building. Also, I heard there was a drug bust by the DEA on the 36th floor of 4545. Apparently when they were caught, they were dumping drugs off of their balcony. It would be great if our friends at the precinct stepped up patrols!

46th road

This block has been a no-no for parking for my friends and family going on 6 years now – never a good idea to park on a street riddled with broken car window glass, and no cops. You would think after this long with repeat offenses on the exact same street that something would have been done. Alas. never should have put a donut shop in between the 108 and the crime street…


I talked to some people on 51 Av, and apparently someone in a building overlooking that BMW watched it happening and called the police, and no one came.


Every time we have one of these little crime sprees everyone wonders why we rarely see any officers walking the streets or at the very least just driving up and down the neighborhood streets. Maybe the new commander will do something about it.


If you can afford a porsche audi or bmw
you can afford to garage it

this has been going on in queens for years

the 51st ave right under the cops noses


I saw the bmw with his rims back on today parked at the same spot. Did he get his rims back from the suspect or did he buy new rims? Im surprised he didn’t move his car into a lot?


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