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‘Backyard Pool’ to open in Long Island City

Backyard Pool

Backyard Pool

July 25, 2014 By Christian Murray

Socrates Sculpture Park is about to convert a small lot in Court Square into a life-sized, non-functioning swimming pool.

The new installation will be located on ‘The Lot’ (43-29 Crescent Street) and will consist of a concrete swimming pool filled with grass—instead of water.

Rockrose Development Corp., which opened the high-rise apartment building Linc LIC in Court Square last fall, is funding the piece.

The artwork is aptly titled “Backyard Pool” and is the work of Tamara Johnson.

The pool, which is kidney shaped, features a diving board and tiles.

The artwork aims to resemble small family pools that are found in suburban backyards around the country— including in Johnson’s hometown of Waco, Texas.

The piece is similar to another of Johnson’s works, “A Public Pool,” which was on display at Socrates Sculpture Park from Sept 2013 –March 2014, which was based on the Astoria Park Pool.

Backyard Pool will open on August 2, the same day that The Lot LIC Music & Film Series—sponsored by Rockrose–kicks off at that location for the season.

The Lot LIC Music & Film Series will run from Aug. 2 through Sept. 20 and will feature music every Saturday from 3 pm- 9pm and films every Thursday from 6 pm through 10 pm.

M. Wells Steakhouse, located next door to ‘The Lot,’ will offer food.

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Really? Next they will make a tennis court filled with water. How do they get funding for this? What a waste.


Did the city or state actually pay our tax money to the “artiste” who designed this ****? I would far rather use the money, as originally implemented many years ago, to fund an enforcement officer announcing to the assembled revelers that the park is CLOSED at 9:00 P.M. What a joy it was, during the 2 years the enforcement officer was on the job, to hear him/her at 9:00 P.M., *every night*, blow a whistle and announce to the grumbling funseekers that “the PARK is now CLOSED!” For many years the park has deteriorated into an all-night, anything-goes pleasure zone, filled until 5:00 A.M., from Thursday through Sunday, with yelling, screaming, brawling revelers who like to play their dueling boomboxes at full volume so “everyone in the neighborhood can enjoy the music too.”


Perhaps condo buildings are actually a functional commentary on modern life!! Development is Art!


Sillies, they didn’t create a real pool because it wouldn’t have been “art.”

This picture just about sums up what art has become in New York City. Or Waco. Or whatever.

Mimi Stone

What about a REAL pool. I think the neighborhood would love this NEW and exciting addition to our area. There is something called a pop-up pool you could try this to see if it “goes” then if it is successful you could do the real thing….this grass filled (whatever) is a joke.


Why couldn’t they have created a real swimming pool that would be more useful especially in these warm days


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