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Another tower to go up near Queensboro Plaza, according to buildings dept. filing

930 apartments

29-37 41st Ave.

March 12, 2015 By Michael Florio

Another large tower is about to go up near Queensboro Plaza.

Property Markets Group plans to build a 70-story tower, located at 29-37 41st Ave, according to documents filed with the Department of Buildings.

The structure, which would be 772 feet tall, would include 930 apartments and six commercial units on the ground floor. A corner parking lot would also be constructed with 100 spaces.

The property is located next to the clock tower building, which PMG also owns.

Preservationists are trying to get the clock tower landmarked and have been trying to rally support at community board meetings and elsewhere.

SLCE Architects will be designing the project, according to the application.

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who the hell is getting paid off for all of this???? ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!!
Councilman Van Bramer do you approve of more people shoved into this now becoming overpopulated area????


It will be built non-union ,of no benefit to the neighborhood.Why do people spend million’s on Apartments built by workers who may not be qualified & in some case’s picked up on a street corner.


thank you LIc dude, i don’t get these people that always complain about everything and think that people that stick their necks out to invest need to do everything the way we want instead of the way they want with their own money or loan…

and WOW, citibank isnt going residential, it sold land near the building that is going to be used for residential buildings in the future since that area didn’t take hold as a corporate area


Thank goodness the Citi tower is not ALSO going residential – a small win, but a help nonetheless. Thanks for clarifying

I am sure these folks are not “sticking their necks out to invest” considering their investment will provide likely ludicrous returns, that said they should certainly take their surroundings into account, as an un-affordable tower often holds no residents, and therefore turns no profit…

(Point of Reference – the eyesore tower in midtown Manhattan that has sold 3 units)


Huh?!? How is it greedy? Should they buy this land for millions of dollars and put up a 2 story brownstone that no one could afford? And it’s right by the elevated subway line anyway…might as well use it in the maximum way allowed by law.


between this and the articles saying that the Citi building is going residential, no one will ever be able to board a rush hour train again!

On the upside, as more people are late for work, more people will lose their jobs and have to move somewhere else. Ok not really upside, but it’s hard to find the optimism these days.


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