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Another rental tower to come to LIC

Source: Real Estate Weekly

Source: Real Estate Weekly

Jan. 10, 2013 By Bill Parry

Yet another residential development is coming to the Court Square Section of Long Island City.

Rockrose Development bought the Eagle Electric Building at 43-22 Queens St. for $48 million last month—with plans to build a 700-unit rental tower.

The development represents Rockrose’s third in that section of LIC. Combined, the three buildings will have nearly 2,400 units.

Rockrose is planning to demolish some parts of the 6-story Eagle Electric building while adding a tower that might be as high as 30 stories.

Dana Frankel, the District Services Manager of the Long Island City Partnership said, “Rockrose Development Corp. does a great job bringing tenants into LIC, they understand the character of the community and its needs as the neighborhood grows.”

Rockrose is close to completing Linc LIC, a 709 unit rental tower at 43-10 Crescent St. It is in the planning stages of another rental tower a block away at 43-25 Hunter St. That will be 975 units.

Rockrose Development also owns a garage at Crescent St. and is currently developing a strip along Jackson Ave.

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Paying $3500 for a 1 bedroom in a neighborhood that still doesn’t have decent restaurant and still no supermarket is way too much.


Anonymous, it’s funny how no one in positions of power thinks of these types pf questions until after the fact, or an accident happens.


2400 units will LIC be getting more police, fire and dept of ed services?

How many more people can the 7 handle ?

where in Queens is the nearest ER and can they take on more patients?


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