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5 story building planned to go up by The PowerHouse

March 13, 2017 By Hannah Wulkan

A developer filed plans last week to build a new five story mixed use building in Long Island City.

According to the plans, the building at 2-22 51st Avenue would stand about 50 feet tall, and would have ten residential units on the second through fifth floors with 11,507 square feet of commercial space on the ground floor.

The plans show that there would be a total of 8,933 square feet of residential space, meaning each apartment would be about 893 square feet on average.

The first floor would also have a residential lobby, and there would be storage space and a laundry room in the cellar.

The new building will take the place of a small warehouse building currently on the site, which is about a block from Hunters Point South and the waterfront.

The developer is Brian Pun of FSA Capital.

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This will surely solve the affordable housing crisis. Is Luxury or affordable ?It doe not really matter no matter the price. It would not make a dent in what is really needed for affordable housing in NYC, should it be affordable.

please start having worthwhile comments to read

WTF you smoking? private sale and they’re not using public funds. I’m all for more affordable housing in the area, low income, middle income apts. how would you force a private developer to provide affordable housing? If you want less gov’t, why do you want gov’t to interfere here? If you want more gov’t involvement, you ok with them going in and mandating what a business should do? Can’t have it both ways.


I have to say that I hope the actual building looks a lot better than the rendering. It looks so bleh with the square windows.

Mark Colangelo

Sad, this could be a beautiful neighborhood if it was not for the excessively selfish, greedy, tasteless developers.

hopefully not ugly building

Not sure what you mean to imply with that? I’m not necessarily against the building, just saying who would believe a developer would just have good lot and not develop something. Whatever he wants to do with the commercial spot is fine. Just hope it’s not a cheap ugly building that you see going up, but from the rendering, and the lot size, doesn’t look like a good building to buy or live in.


Can the editor of this site please provide a link on how you found this filing? I am just about to sign a contract to purchase an apt and this new building is directly outside the window. I would like to review the filing in its entirety

Some Relief

If any residents want a say on how the politicians and real estate developers collude and maintain their neighborhood contact New York City’s Historic Districts Council:


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