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Vernon Boulevard wine bar is for sale


Sept. 6, 2016 Staff Report

A Vernon Boulevard wine bar is for sale, less than a year of being in business.

Gizi, located at 47-34 Vernon Boulevard, is on the market, although there are few details as to how much the owner seeks.

An ad for the business was posted on Craigslist five days ago.

The bar offers an eclectic wine list and imported beers. The venue opened late last year offering small plates, shared dishes and home-made deserts.

The venue is being advertised as having 900 square feet of ground floor space, plus 900 square foot basement/office and a 600 square foot garden in the back.

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why does everyone use Space Finders. those guys are a joke.
notorious in Astoria for renting spaces tenants aren’t qualified for and then selling their lease when they have to leave.

Gizi had amazing coffee. never had any food here and i don’t drink booze, but the space was nicely done. they did nothing to try and bring you in off the street though.

MRLIC nomore

Ya bastards are giving me down thumbs…. shame on you, I own this neighborhood. The serbian film is the best first date movie.


The FAKE FAKE MRLIC is back again. The post on September 6, 2016 6:16 pm is not from the Real Real MRLIC. I am hoping this clears up any confusion.


The FAKE MRLIC is at it again. The post on September 6, 2016 5:30 pm is not from me The Real MRLIC. I think Paul makes a pretty good point about business in LIC.


Tsk tsk tsk….and here goes another one….small plates, shared dishes, home made desert ….poor suckers never had a chance….restaurant owners once again LISTEN CLOSELY….u want to have a any chance of a shot in LIC follow these commandments 1. Thou shall not base a concept as stupid as cheese plates, small plates, etc…2. Thou shall not create menus that are found in bodegas like egg sandwiches and French toast and call it an overpriced brunch 3. Thou shall not keep changing menus every single day (most cafes do this…it’s not being creative it’s stupidly in the most annoying level)…4. Thous shall actually create Food that is actually worth eating.


This is awful stopped there impromptu with my husband had a lot of great wine and their food was great, thus garlic shrimp poached in butter was amazing. Sad 🙁


Good riddance. I went in there looking for some of my favorite, blue-collar wine (Franzia) only to find they only sold bourgeois wine for the 1% that didn’t even come in a box! Who’s ever heard of “bordeaux” before?! Hopefully the new Chipotle will have a decent wine selection.


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