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Town Hall Scheduled on Gun Violence, Comes At a Time of Increased Shootings

Photo: NYPD

May 15, 2019 By Shane O’Brien

Queens Borough president Melinda Katz has announced that she will be hosting a town hall meeting on gun violence later this month, which will be co-hosted by New York City Public Advocate Jumaane Williams and representatives of various community-based organizations.

The meeting, scheduled to take place at Queen Borough Hall on May 30 at 6 p.m., comes just two days two days before Gun Violence Awareness Month begins in June and will be a public forum for community groups, city agencies and law enforcement to discuss how to best tackle gun violence in Queens.

“We cannot cure the epidemic of gun violence solely through policing and locking up those who run afoul of the law,” said Katz, the Queens Borough President and a candidate for Queens District Attorney. “If we’re serious about ridding our society of the scourge of gun violence everywhere, we must deconstruct the normalization of gun violence.

“It is imperative that as a city, we direct our collective focus toward prevention through the promotion of peace and intervention, as well as increasing resources to investigate and prosecute those who traffic guns into our communities.

“At this borough-wide public forum, we will hear from leaders in government, law enforcement and dedicated community-based organizations throughout Queens on strategies that successfully steer our young people away from gun violence and toward paths of empowerment,” she concluded.

According to NYPD data, shootings have been steadily increasing in Queens in 2019, with 43 incidents of gun violence reported by the end of April. Patrol Borough Queens North, which includes the 108 and 114 precincts, saw 18 of those shootings, up from seven for the first four months of 2018.

Despite the uptick, gun crime in Queens has fallen by approximately 75 percent since 1990 and the town hall meeting will aim to stress the importance of prevention efforts.

Public Advocate Williams emphasized the significance of “participation in solutions,” stating that public forums are an important tool for fighting gun violence.

“As we begin Gun Violence Awareness Month, I am glad that we can come together for a conversation on ending violence in Queens, across our city, and across our country.

“We see the realities of horrific gun violence every day, on our screens and in our streets. Combating this pandemic means implementing strategies at all levels of government and in partnership with community groups doing the hard work of violence prevention and intervention on the ground.”

Also participating in the meeting will be 696 Build Queensbridge, Fathers Alive in the Hood (FAITH), Kings of Kings Foundation, LIFE Camp Inc, and Rock Safe Streets.

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“we must deconstruct the normalization of gun violence”

what does that even mean

Gimme muh gunz

“polite” meaning “highest per capita gun deaths in the nation”


There is no such thing as gun violence. Guns are inanimate objects and as such, are incapable of violence. Only biological organisms, humans and animals are capable of violence. Anthropomorphizing inanimate objects with qualities only biological organisms can possess is a demonstration of a mental illness.

Guns are the antidote to violence. That’s because they’re the most democratizing device humanity has ever devised. They put everyone on an equal footing, size and strength no longer matter, their physical superiority is irrelevant. Guns are the creation of the scientist and the engineer, thus the thinking, educated person’s solution to violence. Make a tool to negate physical strength and superiority. Make everyone equal. Make violence untenable.

There is no ‘effective solution’ to something that, by definition, does not and can not exist.

well said

Agreed, the weapons regularly used in mass killings are the antidote to violence.

Sigh. Can't all be scholars...

Yeah, but the 2nd amendment was written when it was possible for the people to obtain the same caliber of weaponry as the army/militia/govt. Show me the store that will sell us all current, 21st century militia grade arms and instruments, my parking spot is big enough for a tank…

Mental health screening and overall more in depth review prior to selling weapons to the public, more mental health support overall and ensuring those already flagged are further monitored or have protective measures in place are the best solutions I have heard to date to compromise for both gun/2nd A lovers and haters alike.


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