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Part-time workers to come to Hunters Point to clean streets

cleaning up

July 15, 2013 By Christian Murray

While factions within Hunters Point continue to duke it out over whether to introduce alternate-side parking, Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer has secured city funds that will bring part-time workers to clean up the neighborhood.

Van Bramer has allocated $65,000 toward the Doe Fund, which will bring workers to Woodside and Long Island City to help clean up the streets. He said about half of those funds will be used to clean the Hunters Point area.

Two workers will be cleaning the sidewalks and removing the garbage receptacles three days per week in the Vernon Blvd and Jackson Avenue vicinity. The cleaners will work six hour days.

“I think the debate over alternate side parking has been intense and polarizing,” said Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer said. “Regardless, of what happens, I can do something proactively that everyone can feel better about—since everyone wants clean streets.”

Last year, a petition formed calling on the Department of Sanitation to bring street sweepers to the area, which would require alternate side parking. In January, the city put forward a detailed proposal to introduce the street sweepers—between 45th and Borden Avenues (west of Jackson Street)–to enable street cleaning.

However, those opposed to the measure came out with a counter petition and voiced their opposition at several Community Board 2 meetings. They claimed that the street sweepers—and alternate side parking–was not needed. They argued that if property owners cleaned in front of their premises there wouldn’t be a need for them.

The debate is far from settled. Community Board 2 does not have a vote on the matter scheduled.

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It's Simple

It’s really simple.

Thicket people.

There are existing laws that should executed.

1. City street are not to be used for storage.

That simply means that a car left for more than 7 days is in violation of the law. The DOT is here every day and those guys know the abusers. Mark the tires and TICKET THEM. It works.

2. Home owners and commercial residents are required to their sidewalks and 18″ from the curb clean.

The DOS randomly tickets people for the most ridiculous reasons, but not the most obvious reasons such as simply sweeping.

Additionally, be a good neighbor and take pride in our little part of this world. Do your part and clean once in a while. It really does work.


‘Republic’ … junk rational on relationship between car, garage and economics.
Guess you’re an immigrant enter pen here !
‘Anonymous’ … do you actually live under a stone – we’ve GOT improved parks ( one of the best in the city along our waterfront ! ) community spaces
( a rare mix, but they exist ! ) and two substantial dog runs ! What we need is a plan for cleaning the SIDEWALKS ! Here’s a PLAN !
‘Oil Beef Hooked’ … someone, help me with this alias !! Yeah, nail the ” slobs ‘who throw trash on the ground ” as well as the yuppies constantly driving thru’ stop signs and red lights in the n’hood. I see it every day !! I have nothing to hide. I’m in favor of street cameras to record these creeps and nail
them with violations they should pay for – we are supposed to be a civilized
society ! Enough with these selfish-that-law-doesn’t-apply-to-me attitudes !!
‘Think before you act’ … right on ! Smart solutions and ideas to help our
neighborhood ! This person is thoughtful, sees the big picture, considers the
issue from many perspectives ! Is capable of reconciling opposing views !
Jimmy Van Bramer … thanks for securing the Doe Funds to help with this
situation ! Maybe with this example for the rest of the summer, some people will give this more THOUGHT !!

Think before you act

Many areas of NYC are reducing and getting rid of ASP.
There are 2 issues here, Clean streets and sidewalks vs more parking. Recent studies show that fuel emissions from ASP create a far more unhealthy atmosphere. Think of idling cars with AC on as well as heat in the winter. Think 1000 moving needlessly, Think about employee unproductively because they have to move there cars. Think about the disruption to the schools, think about all the crazed people trying to get spots and running over your child by accident. I know 4 people in Hunters point who have been hit by car without ASP. Currently the new street cleaning equipment requires water. Most sanitation workers fail to fill up at hydrants like they are supposed. to, leaving a trail of dust in their wake. We need to make people accountable for littering, quite frankly the visitors and construction are the worst, and the new Food and Flea is not helping. It will cost over 1.5 million for the street cleaners that do not use their equipment properly and still leave garbage on the side walk. The 2 dirtiest streets 50th and the next one over will also NEVER see the street being cleaned because of the Police department. Lack of the laws including the requirement to clean the first 18″ of the curb, also lack of enforcement perpetuate the dirty streets. Your narrow one sided presumption that the world should not have cars shows a unrealistic viewpoint. All of this including car reduction can be achieved by education and cooperation. Find some pride and community go a little farther and clean up after someone other than your self. Congratulate people when they use trash receptacles and ask folks to use them when they don’t. Get more waste baskets on the street and cigarette receptacles in front of every first floor business. $30,000 vs 1.5 mill? I think this is a great way to use funds and give 2 people and opportunity to become part of Hunter’s Point community. I wish it was more than Vernon. We also need more parking, short term, municipal, and resident parking permits. Think. All I ask is that you think rather than doing the same old solution that is still not up to European standards.

Oil Beef Hooked

Want clean streets? Start ticketing the slobs who throw their garbage on the ground.


to RepublicLIC’s point, $65,000 is a lot of money that could have really made on an impact on the community (like improved parks, community spaces or dog runs) instead of paying for services that the city already provides re. machine street cleaning.


CB2 fail to manage these selfish car owners who occupy streets! If you ha e babies, take care of them! No money for garage? Why you bought a car??


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