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Owner of RAR Bar to open communal artist studio

Aug. 25, 2017 By Jason Cohen

A communal artist studio space will be opening on 35th Avenue in the fall, on the same block as RAR Bar.

The studio will be owned and operated by RAR Bar proprietor Tina Stipanovic, who is a sculptor by profession and has a passion for the arts.

The new space, located at 30-09 35th Ave.,  will be called Alterworks Studios and will open in October.

Stipanovic, who will continue on at the restaurant, graduated from the Parsons School of Design in 2003 with a masters in sculpture, and said that it is has always been a goal of hers to get back into the arts.

Now, with her 10-year anniversary upcoming as owner of the RAR Bar, she felt it was the right time to expand her horizons.

“I’ve been aching to get back into it (art),” she said.

According to Stipanovic, the space had been empty for seven years and the landlord had been difficult to reach. Prior to the vacancy, it was an auto parts store for 40 years.

However, the owner of the building recently passed away and his widow sold it this year.

“When the space opened I thought it was a good opportunity,” she said.

Stipanovic said Alterworks Studios will hold an array of classes and workshops, and private spaces can be rented out as well. The venue is 1,500 square feet.

Membership fees for the studio have not finalized.

Stipanovic is looking forward to her new business and feels it will benefit the community.

“I love the arts and I love being surrounded by people who do different types of arts,” she said. “I think it’s a great thing to add to the neighborhood. I think it’s necessary for people to have a place where they can flourish in a creative way.”


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Cuppa haters here in the comment section. What ever happened to that Daniel Bryant character. He is the face of the LIC Post and would always speak the truth

your neighbor

That used to be Ruta Auto Supply, nice guys but vacant and looking pretty bad for probably 5 years.

Glad someone is going to put it to good use.


The FAKE FAKE MRLIC wrote the August 27, 3:07 am post. I do agree with him on the Hipsters & The Bubblegum statue that cost taxpayers 500K. I don’t know why he’s posting so early in the morning.


The FAKE MRLIC wrote the August 26, 8:39 am post. I do agree with him on the Hipsters & The Bubblegum statue that cost taxpayers 500K.


Oh great, I wonder if these HIPSTERS will build another pink bubblegum sculpture that cost the taxpayers $500k. I only “flourish in a creative way” after bowling a 235 or better or going a few rounds on the punching bag I taped a picture of Jimmy Van LAMER to.


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