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Massive climbing facility to open, to be LIC’s second climbing venue

brooklyn boulders

April 12, 2015 By Michael Florio

Climbing enthusiasts will soon have another rock to climb.

The popular rock climbing gym, Brooklyn Boulders, is set to open a massive facility in Queensbridge this summer. The facility will be the second major rock climbing venue to be located in Long Island City.

Brooklyn Boulder Queensbridge, which will be located at 23-10 41st Avenue, will be about 25,000 square feet and will feature climbing walls, a dedicated weight room, a yoga studio, saunas, multiple event spaces, co-working spaces, lounges, a cafe and an art gallery

The facility will open near Cliffs LIC, a 30,000 square foot venue that opened at 11-11 44th Dr. in 2013.

Brooklyn Boulders has three other rock climbing establishments—a Gowanus facility that opened in 2009 and one in Boston and Chicago.

“We’ve been looking at Long Island City since 2010 – we bet on this area a long time ago and are really excited to see it growing as fast as it is,” said co-founder Lance Pinn in a statement.

“We picked the name Queensbridge as a shout out to the neighborhood,” Pinn said.

The facility will offer climbing classes, fitness programs, personal training and yoga classes.

Pre-sale signups begin on May 10.

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I live in the building and I was really disappointed to find out this wasn’t going to be a grocery store as it was originally supposed to be. The Queensbridge area is severely lacking in basic services like a pharmacy and grocery store. But maybe once more of these businesses open that bring people from other bouroughs to the area, we’ll get more amenities like that.


I have different opinion about this. Im glad we are moving certain direction in terms of local culture like no other cities. It’s very rare that we have large cloud of “indoor” rock climbers and as far as I observe, intelligent young folks around me tend to prefer rock climbing because the wall look like puzzle. Also, this rock climbing trend reminds me when I was studying computer science. Interesting fact is, Rock climbing is attractive to them because that’s challenging: the first time those elite kids face something they can’t overcome easily like they used to ace SAT exams. If you loose all strength from your fingers and hanging around 30ft high, you will understand what I mean but you knew this is not about your muscle.

I’m glad another gym bring competitive price and I’m interested in what could be the result of this battle.

I totally understand it’s not interesting topic to you, but this is same to me, im not interested Eco systems around nail salons. Probably, LIC could be next Silicon Valley, who knows? You can call them yuppies or whatever you want, but I prefer some uniqueness in neighborhood rather than cookie cutter type of American satellite towns which is dominated by Olive Garden, tgi Fridays, and Walmart.


clearly something was lost in translation of my post. I DO NOT want more nail salons, I think we have enough. I think we need more of what is needed (grocery like the poster below says) and less of the duplicate businesses that are not core uses for the neighborhood (2 nail salons is good, for competition, 5 within a 3 block radius is taking up space where other types of businesses are needed)

I enjoy indoor rock climbing, and I do not know if it is due to the puzzle of finding your next hold, or if it is just a way to keep my fitness activities fresh.

I agree with you that we do NOT need or want Olive Garden, TGI or Walmart – I don’t even think we need the dunkin donuts.


Agree to disagree… Not sure when you are out and about, but when I walk down vernon, or 5th or center, they aren’t busy.


Good for them, but can we please have an original thought? We have doubles (and triples ad quadruplies…)of so many businesses. It’s time to stop duplicating and start diversifying. I’m looking at you, real estate offices, nail salons and Italian restaurants…

At least these two spots are far enough apart they they will get different customers.


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