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LIC’s Center Blvd dog run officially opens


Aug. 27, 2015 By Christian Murray

Long Island City’s newest dog run officially opened today, with elected officials cutting the ribbon.

The dog run, called Gantry Plaza Dog Run, is located between P.S./I.S. 78 and the Queens West Sports Field, with its only entrance on Center Boulevard.

Original designs put the entrance closer to the school, but plans were changed after pushback from parents, who felt the proximity put kids at risk.

The run features a beach pebble surface, hardwood benches, a canine drinking fountain, a stainless steel meshed fence and a perimeter landscaping buffer.

Dog waste bags are provided on the site.

The dog run is open to the public 24-hours a day.

The State Parks Department worked with TF Cornerstone on the design in consultation with the community, with construction on the $750,000 project starting in April. The funding came via Queens West Public Infrastructure Fund.

“Providing the growing neighborhood of LIC with more park space is one of my top priorities,” said State Sen. Mike Gianaris. “I am hopeful this new space will successfully balance the needs of our community members so parents, students and dog owners alike can welcome this addition to our neighborhood.”

Meanwhile, Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer said: “People are choosing to make Long Island City their permanent home because of great amenities like these.”

Drinking fountain

Drinking fountain

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I was very excited about this space but I can’t love it even if I’m trying too hard. It’s very inconvenient due to the lack of shade and few benches. There’s no way you can wear sandals as it would be considered unhygienic… and it’s summer! The idea was great, but the execution was disappointing 🙁


I remember years ago when they threatened to fine dog owners for using that area of grass for their dogs – despite the fact it was clear there was no other good use for it. Glad to see this open.

Crooked politician

Van Jerkoff get over to 52nd street and get a dog run there asap so people and other dogs don’t keep running loose in the public area. Keep making the rich areas better but don’t do anything about any other place.


When the construction on the school is done they can start work on fixing up the Doughboy dog run.


The NYC parks Dept gets a ridiculously low % of the city budget. Thus, they rely on councilman ‘discretionary’ funds to pay the bills. Each city councilman gets $ to spend on certain kinds of projects in their district, and I believe, that can only be earmarked for certain kinds of projects (schools may not be included on that list, as it’s a DOE thing). Of the 750K, the parks dept gets 30% off the top for ‘administrative costs’. Properly funding the parks Dept, or spreading around the $ conservancies bring in for central park, etc, could lead to lower costs for projects like this.

Anonymous visitor

Now we get an ugly, oversized litter tray instead. Just pray no dogs with loose bowels relieve themselves on those pebbles.


In the time it’s taken to build 4 or 5 dog runs, the library parcel has just sat there. Seriously, why have they stopped building it?


Pretty simple; they didn’t have the funds for it. Only just this spring they finally got the funds together after numerous revisions and cutbacks on the original plans.


Have never seen the existing dog parks overcrowded to warrant another. Has anyone heard from a dog owner that they couldn’t squeeze into one of the existing dog runs because it was packed?!

We spend $750k of limited budget so dogs can socialize, yet the local children don’t have a seat in school.

I am a dog lover but I think children having a seat in school just a tad higher in priority.


While I agree that schools should definitely take priority in this neighborhood, I guess the idea with this one is that it’ll help keep the poop on the sidewalk under control (remains to be seen). Policing apparently doesn’t seem to work and people who don’t pick after their pet are just ignorant a**holes. Whether a dog park was needed or poop-bag stands every 30 feet would have solved this issue is debatable. But in any case, how that little park can cost $750k is beyond me.

Just another LIC resident.

Yes, the one by Hunter’s Point South is getting crowded. During primetime there are easily 20 or more dogs running in that tiny space ( doesn’t help that there is a huge block of cement hill right in the middle). I can’t say for the one right by Vernon Blvd but for the residents living right or close to the water, it certainly helps to have another one.


I assume that figure also includes the other half of the project – the garden on the other end near the school. What is that? Is it for students to grow fruits and vegetables? The planters look like they’re child-height!


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