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LIC condo sells for $3.35 million, breaks record

The View

The View

June 12, 2014 By Christian Murray

A three-bedroom, ground-floor apartment unit at The View sold for $3,350,000, according to city records.

The Real Deal, which broke the story, reported that the price set the record for the most expensive condo sale in Queens.

The 1,842-square-foot-apartment at 46-30 Center Boulevard — features three bedrooms, three baths and 17-foot ceilings. The seller paid $1,670,000 for the apartment in 2010.

The previous record held for the priciest condo in Queens was also at The View. A condo sold for $3,150,000 in 2012.

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Crazy Hat

@crazy pants

Please provide the sources. The affordable housing projects in HPS now are for rental only.


The low income is for seniors. Dangerous, thuggish, low income seniors. I guess I will have to deal with 100 of them terrorizing the nabe at night. The HS kids thing may be a good point though. Adolescents are all total shites.


Crazy Pants

Hey Anon,
Too lazy to think up a name?
I happen to be talking about the new condos being built on HP. I never said The View was doing this. I was talking about LIC area in general.
Reading comp. 101. You fail..again.


Of course I did the research before deciding NOT to buy there. (For the reasons I mentioned)
Here are some actual facts you clearly didn’t know:
“This includes two mixed-use buildings of more than 900 housing units and roughly 20,000 square feet of new retail space. 100 percent of the housing in this phase will be for low, moderate and middle-income families.”
Also, to qualify for the $20,000 2 br apartment, you must be a single patent WITH a police record (not felony)
From the way you instantly played the race card, you might fit in perfectly.


@crazy pants do you even have a clue about that housing, it will be 60% middle income, with mostly city workers and long island city residents getting first choice, I guess you paid so much for your residence that you can’t be bothered to live amongst the people that make this city run, you are a racist based on your thoughts of single mothers.


Enjoy the new high school kids tagging everything in sight, a park that closes at 10pm, and the new low income housing (single mothers w/record only) all while relying on the 7 train. Good move.


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