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Hunters Point’s latest dog run to be completed by mid-July, according to officials

Dog run

Dog run (QueensPost)

April 13, 2015 By Christian Murray

The New York State Parks Department is about to start construction on a new dog run located by Center Boulevard–sandwiched between the P.S./I.S. 78Q building and the Queens West Sports Field.

Fences were erected about a week ago and construction is about to start shortly.

The state expects the dog run to be completed by mid-July, according to officials. It would be the fifth run in the neighborhood—with one at Vernon Boulevard and 48th Avenue, another at Hunters Point South, one at Murray Playground and a tiny one by Anabel Basin that was constructed by TF Cornerstone.

“As Long Island City continues to grow I remain focused on ensuring our parks and open spaces keep pace so our neighborhood remains livable, and this new dog run will help us make that true for our four-legged friends as well,” said State Sen. Mike Gianaris, in a statement.

The entrance to the dog run will be near Center Blvd, according to the most recent plans and a construction supervisor who was on site today. Under the original plans, the entrance was closer to the school. Parents pushed back against the initial plan arguing that it put children at risk.

However, a compromise was reached.

“I thank New York State Parks and TF Cornerstone for doing their best to balance the needs and concerns of all members of our community and I thank the residents of Long Island City for coming together and collaborating responsibly on this plan,” Gianaris said.

“I am hopeful that parents, students and pet owners alike will be pleased with this addition to our neighborhood.”

Entrance by Center Blvd

Entrance by Center Blvd (QueensPost)

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apparently people need to clean up and leash their dogs. They Will or will not do it no matter how many dog runs there are or none. Many people including myself move to lic to own a pet. If you don’t like the dogs and dog runs, just move. No one really cares. Btw I have seen people bring their dogs into Sweetleaf into 4545. Staff saw but said nothing. I hope Sweetleaf can do Sth about it.

Anonymous visitor

This is a win for renters who own pets. They care more for amenities. But any property owner knows the priority for schools and children are what makes the realestate values hot, and making a destination poo place steps from the school is the opposite of that. I blame the parents who didnt even put up a fight.


no leash and no poop bag
nice typical douche move

god forbid one of these unleashed dogs
runs into traffic or gets attacked by a leashed
dog that is not social

Agree with most posters on this

As a Center Blvd, dog-owning resident, of course I am glad that another dog park is being built. However, this will do little to change the mentality of dog owners who refuse to recognize city leash ordinances. In just the week the “pit” has been boarded off, all these refuse-to-use-a-leash owners simply have moved to the walking area next to the shipping canal/creek. And, of course, these are the owners that feel they are excused from using doggie bags to pick up the animal’s droppings. I cannot count how many times these people have scolded me and my dog, simply because my dog does not like being approached by an unleashed dog. Take some responsibility, people- if your dog was on a leash, as it should be, then there would not have been a confrontation.

Keep your dog leashed. Pick up its droppings. Is it really THAT hard to do???


I love the idea of a new dog run. I’m a pet owner and it’s a relief that now we have one just downstairs… however, my only complaint is with the majority of pet owners in general in LIC: PLEASE CLEAN AFTER YOUR DOG! it was so disgusting to see all dry poop coming out once snow melted.

mike c.

Majority?! Where you got this information from? Don’t mix facts with opinions pls.


While they’re at it I wish they’d put up larger ‘No Dogs’ signs at the entrances to Gantry Park, the State section, where dogs are prohibited. While I’m sure some dog owners simply disregard the prohibition willingly, something I wish the State Parks department would address, there does seem to be many who are genuinely surprised when they are asked to leave by the workers. The signs should be more pronounced/noticeable. Now while I like dogs it’s nice to have a section of the park that’s somewhat free from the stench of dog urine and where kids can play on the grass without stepping into dog waste or getting bite by someones unleashed dog.

Love Dogs, Hate Crap and Their Owners

We were long overdue for another dog shit thread. Thanks, LIC POST.


I’m sorry, but the mud pit at Murray playground really does not rise to the level of what I would consider a dog run suitable for use. The park was just beautifully restored over the last year, but all they did was to to the dog run was to make it a little less worse. They removed the awful, rusting sculpture and re-fenced it, but it’s still just an awful dust bowl (on a dry day) or a mud pit (on a rainy day.) Kudos to the folks at the waterfront for scoring this victory, but how is it that the water front has 4 dog runs, but Court Square really does not have a single usable dog run? With all of the construction happening in Court Square, we need at least one usable dog run now.


too much dog crap on the streets already

has nobody heard of cleaning up after their dog?

i am dog lover but damn these locals are real jerks for not cleaning up


It would be pretty embarrassing for the School Construction Authority if this dog run gets built before they can finish the little playground on 49th Ave and Center for PS 78.

Jean-Marie Guyaux

The newcomers are more interested in dog runs than children playgrounds and more than happy to displace the artists from places such as 5Points in order to build more glass ghetto towers as fast as they can.


Those artists were on valuable real estate because the owner allowed it. Then the owner wanted to develop. Instead of a classy thanks for letting them use the space, we get indignant graffiti brats braying about their perceived injustice. Good riddance.


national birth rate has been down for quite some time – kids are too expensive and paying rent for an extra bedroom these days can be a hardship for most. pet parenting much easier for urban dwellers.


Great, now there will be more defacation on the sidewalk near the park. Hopefully they enforce dog owners who cannot use a bag.


I am not so sure, since the grass there has been a de facto dog run for years. That said, I too would love to see the laws on cleaning up after your dog enforced too. It wouldn’t be a bad idea, though, to have more baggie dispensers around the neighborhood for those whose dogs make unexpected deposits on their walks.


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