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Greenhouse/Aquarium Combo Proposed For Top Of Falchi Building


Nov. 6, 2015 By Jackie Strawbridge

A combination greenhouse and fish tank will sit on top of the Falchi Building if the City approves an application from Edenworks, an urban farm builder.

Edenworks has filed an application with the Department of City Planning to construct the rooftop greenhouse through the agency’s “zone green” program, which allows for the construction of energy-efficient structures with floor area and height limit exemptions, a DCP spokesperson said.

Using a technology called aquaponics, Edenworks builds urban farms that use both traditional plant beds and fish tanks. The fish fertilize the plants, and the plant beds filter the water; according to Edenworks CFO Johnny Bowman, the system allows for significant water conservation.

The greenhouse would supply fish, fruit and greens to businesses around the City, Bowman said, adding that the Falchi Building location was particularly appealing because it sits within a “food hub.”

“The whole point of Edenworks is to make the freshest food available possible, and the closer we can get to our customers, the better our product is,” Bowman said. “The physical Falchi Building has customers right there in it, but you’re also in a broader community of Long Island City that is also a distribution center for many food businesses.”

Edenworks CEO Jason Green said that they are arranging a lease with the Falchi Building and still working on financing.

Though Edenworks’ application does not have to go through the Community Board, Penny Lee of DCP said it would be presented at an upcoming CB 2 land use meeting.

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