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Greek restaurant to open on Vernon Blvd by late June

May 10, 2017 By Christian Murray

A Greek restaurant is slated to open on Vernon Boulevard in the location formerly occupied by San Remo.

The restaurant, to be called Vernon Grill, is expected to open by the end of June, according to owner George Tsiolis, who has been in the restaurant business for more than 40 years.

Tsolis, who at one time owned six diners on Long Island, said he is coming out of retirement to open the 48-20 Vernon Boulevard restaurant.

“I am an old dog and this is my baby,” Tsiolis said, adding that he thought he could retire but couldn’t stand being at home.

Tsiolis said he was notified that the location was available from the owner of the now-defunct San Remo.

The restaurant will seat 40 people indoors, with Tsiolis planning to add sidewalk seating that will double his capacity.

He said he has applied for an outdoor seating permit and is waiting to hear back from the city. He is also awaiting a wine & beer license, which he hopes to obtain before he opens.

Tsolis, who immigrated from Greece when he was 17, said he will be serving high-end food at an affordable price. He said he will offer items such as gyros, souvlaki, Greek meatballs, zucchini, barbeque chicken, spinach pie, octopus, salads and more.

“I will be offering big portions,” he said. “It will be about quantity, quality, service and cleanliness.”


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It’s nice to see 2-3 people smoking heavily in the restaurant daily having meetings……

Should smell really great by opening!


Check out the menu posted now. 18.95, 23.95, 28.95!!!

Prices are insane for what looks to be a glorified deli.
If you are a real Greek place why put up a marquee that says “steaks BBQ chicken salads”
It just reeks of low quality.
Why do we get all the crap like this on Vernon!


Can’t wait! I love Greek food and I’ve been looking for some good Greek food on this side of town. It’s so annoying going to Astoria for Greek food. I heard they will be delivering too!! Yes!!

Harry Ballsagna

I love that gyros and souvlaki are what this guy considers “high end food”.


I speak to George every time I see him. He’s brining is real Greek food that will be available for all to enjoy
They’ll also be open at lunch!

Looking forward to the new edition


Great, a 40 seat sidewalk cafe on Vernon. Because there isn’t any foot traffic at that corner or anything.


Si si si we need it my friend thanks for thinking about us on this side of the city. ….buena suerte amigo


Wow, so many have beaten me to the punch about the “no italian restaurant”…can’t wait when the “not another brunch crap” comments start coming out 🙂 …..Vernon Grill–stupid name, but a definite welcome addition and hopefully some authenticity. Time to end that Kavala nonsense.


Great! A good reasonably priced Greek place is exactly what we need. If they have sensible prices and good size portions, they will definitely succeed!


I pass by and talk to this gentleman almost daily. He’s a super nice guy who is also very sweet with my dog. Based on his experience I’m sure this will be a wonderful addition to the neighborhood and based on my experience with his personality he’s a wonderful new neighbor


To Nice. It will probably be small portions and high prices. I do hope it is the other way however.


It’s a shame that San Remo, the only legit pizza place in the area, had to go. But if it’s replaced by a greek place run by a former diner guy, I guess that makes it a little easier to swallow (intended).


Ha, you must be kidding. It was the only place in the neighborhood that served real NY pizza, and it was excellent. The only “trash” is the overpriced bullshit masquerading as pizza that they sell at Slice and L’inizio.

locked horns

for a while there, San Remo was the only place that served a slice. that is true. Junior’s had better pizza but they didn’t offer it by the slice.

San Remo was trash. it wont take much for the greek place to surpass it.


Can you define “trash” please? Because the pizza was fresh and tasted better than anything else in the neighborhood. So what was your problem?


More proof you have no clue about NY. It was exactly the way NY pizza places have always been. The pizza matters most, and in any case it wasn’t dirty at all. Just because something isn’t brand new (and built cheaply with plastic nonsense), doesn’t mean it is dirty.


San Reno was the last old style neighborhood pizzeria. No frills, to say the least. But a good slice.

neighborhood charm = dirty

yes, agreed it was old. Also agree it was neighborhood pizzeria. Also agree that it had no frills. Very dirty in fact. You might call that neighborhood charm, I just call it dirty. But it was never a good slice. Went there more than a few times and only one time was the slice decent only because I caught it freshly made. I’m all for neighborhood joints but they did not have good pizza. I’m not a fan of the new Slice either. L’inizio is a step up.


To me a good gyro, like a good slice of pizza or a good bagel, is something special that trumps most restaurants if done right. Unfortunately in LIC we’re 0 for 2 in that respect (IMO of course) so I’m crossing my fingers that this place can make it 1 for 3 and end my trips to Astoria for gyros. Good luck.


A gyro….pizza…bagel….is NOT DINNER !! Homemade dishes are !!!….. Beef /Chicken /Fish w /vegetables …etc !!!!


Please be bigger portions at affordable prices. Lic has all the wanna be high end joints that serve small portions at high prices and the quality and flavors just aren’t there! Good luck I hope this place rocks!


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