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Dog and beer mixer to be held at Hunters Point South Park Saturday

LIC Landing at Coffeed

LIC Landing at Coffeed

June 10, 2014 By Michael Florio

Grab your dog, head to the park and drink a pint—all for a good cause.

This Saturday Paws & Pints, an event company that supports charity and dog lovers, will be hosting its inaugural event at LIC Landing, where it will raise funds for a veterans’ service-dog program through raffles and donations.

LIC Landing by Coffeed will sell food and $5 beers, with a portion of the proceeds going to charity.

The event kicks off at 5 pm and will go until 8 pm. The dogs that attend will receive treats, toys and the company of other dogs.

The concept is to provide dog owners with their very own neighborhood watering hole, while also providing them with the excitement of a local dog run.

Rich Hall, who runs Paws & Pints, said that the event will be free as he hopes to generate interest in the concept. His goal is to host a monthly event at the park.

Hall said that future events would be ticketed to raise money for Patriot Paws, a Texas-based organization that provides working service dogs to veterans at no charge.

“As a veteran myself this charity [Patriot Paws] is very near and dear to my heart,” Hall said. “We want to contribute back to veterans and give the community that opportunity.”

Paws & Pints will be hosting the event in conjunction with the Hunters Point Parks Conservancy, Coffeed at LIC Landing, The Beer Closet, Vernon Wine and Liquor, and Flushing VFW Post 3427.


Time: 5pm to 8pm

Date: June 14

Location: LIC Landing at Hunters Point South Park

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Medium Timer

There is no enforcement of any dog rules.

* Dogs piss/crap on all the signs under the trees, the grass, as well as on the sidewalks and buildings.

* Dogs are off-leash on grass and turf areas =right next= to the dog parks.

* Dogs are brought into Gantry park.

I can’t wait until all the dog owners are drunk watching their dogs chase each other on the artificial turf.

=> We need enforcement of rules, so those owners that follow the rules can enjoy their dogs.


Rick, thank you so much for your assurances in addressing some of the potential issues. This certainly looks like a very worthy endeavor, and sorry these side issues have added any negative energy to the event. This could be a wonderful opportunity to educate and reinforce the LAWS to some users of the park. Maybe have a PEP officer there to add some authority?

And “Idiot Hunter,” sorry you feel we are being negative, but EVERY DAY I get a reminder that some users of the park think the rules and laws apply to others and not to them… I’m not sure they’ve earned the benefit of the doubt. We anticipate the worst from these owners because that’s all we ever see. When the powers that be have decided that dog owners can’t be trusted to use the park responsibly, and they turn the southern end of the park into a “no-dog” zone (like the northern end of Gantry State Park), it will be too late.

Not a dog/child owner, but a dog/child lover

Can we all attempt to get along at this event and have a good time?

To be honest, there are good dogs (and owners) and bad dogs (and owners), but to be fair, there are also good children (and parents) and bad children (and parents). One could even argue that some children should be leashed as well!

Both sides have their pros and cons and as long as all the good dog/child parents help one another police the bad eggs in each group it should turn out to be an awesome time in our new awesome neighborhood waterfront park!

Idiot hunter

Wow! Most of you are miserable bastards! While I agree most people are idiots now a days, can we wait until after the event to complain? Waste your time on something else!

Rick Hall

Well said Rob.

I would also like to say that Paws & Pints will do everything it can to encourage responsible dog ownership at our events and to educate dog owners on the importance of treating the park as a community space used by both dog lovers and non-dog lovers.

I’m confident that the event will be successful and that we can help address some of these issues with dog owners in order to make the park a better place for all.

You are right, Patriot Paws is an amazing organization that I’m honored to be able to support. I’ve seen what they do first-hand. These dogs are invaluable in the lives of my fellow veterans.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Saturday (both dog lovers and non-dog lovers) for a great time of community, fun and charity.


It is disappointing that so many negative comments are posted concerning an event that is designed to bring together a large part of the LIC Community. I am not a dog owner and unfortunately, inconsiderate dog owners do exist that allow their dogs to do what they want and where they want to do it. However, a fun event that embraces many members of the community may help to encourage responsible behavior of all dog owners. In addition, Patriot Paws Charity does great work and really makes a difference in the lives of many disabled veterans.


I think the park needs to post more “No Dogs Allowed” signs in this area. They only have two signs and while they are big they are not enough. Most new comers to the park are not aware of this rule. If you come into the area in certain places or angles you can miss the two signs. I am not saying this will get rid of the issue but it should help.

On the weekends when the park gets the most use and new visitors they should have someone enforcing the rules. This past few weekends I have seen a number of dogs playing freely in the oval and the adjacent grassy area. I was hanging out by the grass and a little dog (while very cute) walked up to us without a leash and almost peed on our blanket until I had to call the owner’s attention.

I think this event will do fine because I have seen how LIC Landing operates and they seem to be on top of everything. The park belongs to everyone and I hope everyone respects the rules and boundaries that have been set even if you don’t agree 100%.


ProudLICdogowner_ well, since you ask, I think leaving trash is bad and there’s no excuse but not many things tromp dog poop (but maybe it’s different for you)
There is a big sign saying no dogs on the grass, all dog owners know it and still a few can’t help themselves.
I’m glad you agree those are jerks.
All I pointed out in my first comment is that there are no dogs aloud on the grass.
I really hope I’m wrong and all dog owners obey the law and keep their dogs on a leash, but somehow, based on past experiences, I’m not sure this will happen.
Let’s see what happens, I’m sure you will do your part in making sure no dogs will be on the grass.


I will definitely attend with my two dogs, and I promise to stay until I see the first clueless, selfish dog owner who insists on letting his/her dog wander around off-leash. So I’ll probably be there 3-5 minutes.

The irresponsible owners who don’t obey the leash laws, don’t heed the “No Dogs Allowed” signs and don’t clean up after their pets are going to ruin the new park for all of us.



What’s worse than dogs who poop/pee on the turf? People ! Humans! I see litter everywhere on the turf and grass. Cigarette butts on the actual turf. Groups of people with kids having a little picnic party and leaving trash around. So please do not only point your fingers so ever quickly at dogs and their owners. I’ve seen young kids playing around and leaving trash after they leave. So who’s telling who not to play on the grass and turf? So seriously, look at the bigger picture before you place your judgement on people with dogs. Yes, there are a handful of jerks who do not pick their poop up but don’t just focus only dogs and their owners. Imagine this is a party for little kids and their parents. Someone could easily say, oh they shouldn’t have a party just because people leave trash everywhere and waits for the city park workers to clean up!

Rick Hall

The event will NOT be held on any grass area. It will be Held here:

The picture on the home page of LIC Landing is the exact space where the event will be hosted. All dogs will remain on leash unless they are in our enclosed area and supervised by their owners.

Doggy Bags will be provided to clean up after the dogs.

If you have any questions please email us at



ed – I have a bad feeling too. I love the idea, it sounds like a great way to enjoy the river and the community and everyone’s dogs, but there seems to be so much bad blood between a few dog owners and the rest of LIC that I sense big trouble. Too bad, it really is such a nice idea.


I got a bad feeling about this…..
No I don’t have a dog, yes I have kids, Yes I realize a lot of dog owners follow the rules, but a lot of them do not. This seems like a mixer for both, which means a lot of dogs off leash on the grass and artificial turf with angry parents (and other park goers) close by, and never a park ranger or anyone of authority. good luck and go cosmos!!


Woof woof- get a kid and try to play on the grass where people like you let their dog piss and poop (even when you pick it up, there is still shit on the grass)
Just follow the rules like everybody else
The grass in for people (you know, the one’s that can read!) and you can play with your dog in any of the many dog runs we have here in LIC
Or, if you really love your dog, take it out of the city for a real run.

Mike James

LICFuture is right on. Follow the rules. Don’t let your dogs on the grass or the turf. Most dog owners follow the rules but a few bad apples mess it up for everyone else.

Woof woof

LICfuture – get a life! No actually – get a dog. They can be wonderful for cheering up miserable, grumpy human beings!

Rick Hall

@ LICfuture,

We will be hosting on the concrete area designated for events. We will encourage all our patrons to be respectful of other guests at Hunter Point South Park.

Our site will be equipped with doggy bags and cleaned when the event is over.

As for dogs on the grass, we don’t have any authority to tell them stay off, but we will encourage our guests to respect the rules of the park and the concerns of the LIC community.

I can forward this concern on to others at the Conservancy and at Coffeed to let them know that it is an issue.

Thank you for your comment. I hope to see you there this Saturday or at another of our monthly events.

Rick Hall


I hope Coffeed and Hunters Point Park Conservancy will make sure that all dog owners are aware that no dogs are aloud on the grass, both the artificial turf and the real grass part.
Maybe some dog owners are bad readers (I know some of them are bad listeners) but some keep letting their dog on the grass even though they all know better.


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