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5 Pointz Painted White, Artwork Gone

Photo: LIC Post

Nov. 19, 2013 By Christian Murray

The owner of the iconic 5 Pointz building painted over the artwork last night.

The artists discovered that their art was gone this morning, tweeting: “5 pointz is gone building was painted overnight…”

A paint crew, along with police protection, came around 1 a.m. and finished around 7 a.m., according to the artists.

The building, which is owned by developer Jerry Wolkoff and his son David, is expected to be replaced by two residential towers– one 41 stories and the other 47 stories tall.

Marie Cecile Flaguel, who represents the artists, stood outside the 5 Pointz building this morning and was in tears. She did not want to comment.

Meanwhile, Jerry Wolkoff was not available for comment.

A peaceful candlelight vigil will be held for 5Pointz  at 5 p.m. this evening.

Photo: LICPost

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Hey first response, at this rate you won’t be able to afford the neighborhood you think your protecting. Those are real arrest doing real art. Go buy a banksey hang it up and call yourself a new yorker


I for one will miss the graph Mecca of the world, I just wished I would of took my son before it was buffed. For all the negative responses I hope they bomb your whole building with scratch and throwies. Long live real artiest. Go to an auction and buy a banksey


wow! and the Mayor relocated police resources for this? Guess he’s getting a cut once the condo’s go up!!!! Niiice final act!!!


However, Wolkoff granted them 20 years of graffiti and has legally every right to develop WITHIN zoning, shouldn’t have gotten that exemption.

Trying to go to the judge basically said FU and made sure nobody will every do a similar thing. They should have accepted their faith and gone with their heads up high.

This action now is on the same level and sad. Rather tell them wrecking balls are coming at a certain date. Then again, threatening a human chain around private property was dumb too.


The irony is that in the middle of the night the graffiti was painted over. Very similar to how most graffiti is born.

Now these artists know how if feels to have something destroyed by their art in the middle of the night.

art critic

One of the reasons NYC is such an interesting place to live in has just disappeared….

….so more people can live here.

Irony abounds.


What a shame it was beautiful leaving queens or entering queens. That was our welcome sign. I was able to see the art work from the 7 train. Its discusting and disrespectful white painting over creative art. SMH queens is being change so much. I live in queens 22 years and to see this gone breaks my heart.

no art in a sad world

first commenter is a fucking moron. who in the world gets excited about more apartment towers?


how dare he do this with his private property?

or maybe he was being nice a creating a large canvas for one last graffiti HARRAH.


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