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Workers to clean streets, as alternate side parking unlikely to go into effect


Aug. 1, 2013 By Christian Murray

A new program to keep the streets of Hunters Point clean was launched today.

Two workers from the Doe Fund, an organization that helps homeless people rebuild their lives, will be cleaning a number of designated streets in the neighborhood three days per week, six hours per day.

The announcement comes at a time when it appears unlikely that alternate side of the street parking will be implemented in Hunters Point.

The Doe Fund workers function will sweep the sidewalks, empty garbage and pick up trash. They will be covering Vernon Blvd (50th Avenue through 45th Ave.) and 11th Street (50th Avenue through 45th Avenue)—as well as some parts of Jackson Avenue.

“This is just the beginning and I hope to expand the program,” said Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer, who held a press conference in Hunters Point yesterday to announce it.. His office provided $34,000 in funding for the program.

“The cleanliness of the streets has been an issue for a long time,” Van Bramer said. “Our goal is to make the area more livable and do it in a way that everyone can feel good about.”

Van Bramer said that the program is separate from the alternate side of the street parking issue, which would make way for street sweepers.

“I don’t think [alternate side parking] is actively under consideration right now,” Van Bramer said. “While individuals and organizations continue to speak about it, I don’t think it is moving forward.”

“Our office is not big on that at this point anyway,” he said, so his office is focusing on the Doe Fund.

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It’s a good start.

It would be great if they could extend their work to Vernon all the way to Borden (not just to 50th Street) in this first phase and hit some of the side streets from Vernon to 5th Street if they can get more funding.


alternate side parking will come once we get the thousands of new residents, and we’ll have to do things just as all manhattan neighborhoods do them.

enjoy the free parking while you can!


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