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Woodbines aims to extend weekday hours, seeks level playing field


Sept. 10, 2015 By Christian Murray

A liquor license hearing will be taking place in Hunters Point in coming weeks following Woodbines’ application to extend its weekday hours from 2 am to 4 am.

Woodbines, which has been located at 47-10 Vernon Blvd for the past two years, already operates until 4 am on Friday and Saturday nights but wants the option of remaining open until 4 am on week nights following the community board’s recent approval of Gantry LIC’s  license to operate until 4 am seven days a week.(see article)

“A business similar to ours down the block was recently approved until 4 am seven days a week and we just want a level playing field,” said Pat Burke, the owner of Woodbines, at Community Board 2’s City Services meeting Wednesday.

Burke said that he does not envisage opening until 4 am during the week at present. However, he said, as the neighborhood grows—or if certain events take place– he wants the ability to be able to compete.

The 47-10 Vernon Blvd location was once the home of Lounge 47, a storied bar/restaurant that eventually closed after it lost the use of its backyard space following noise complaints from neighbors. (see article)

Woodbines has never used its rear yard, although it did consider building an extension—which was approved by CB2– but decided against moving forward with it due to the economics of it.

Burke said that Woodbines has become a popular eating destination. He said that between 60 and 65 percent of his business comes via the kitchen, with bar sales accounting for the remainder.

“47-10 [Vernon Blvd] is a sensitive property I guess,” Burke recognized. “But I have been there two full years and there have been zero problems and I have a working relationship with the neighbors.”

Pat O’Brien, chairman of CB2, recognized that Gantry LIC was granted a 4 am license although he did note that it was under the condition that the kitchen would remain open late.

Burke said that Woodbines often has it kitchen open until 1 am and would be amenable to the same conditions.

O’Brien told Burke that the issue had to be brought before the community in Hunters Point for discussion.

He recommended that Burke speak to neighboring residents about his plans and solicit the opinions of others through letters and petitions prior to the hearing.

A date and location for the hearing has not yet been set.

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Whether there is a large amount of foot traffic or not, the precedent has been set and woodbines deserves the same shot as other spots to do biz. I personally like that there are open businesses should I be walking home late.


Closing time for bars in New York is 4:00 AM for most places. If people are having a drink or a full meal after work is quite frankly none of your fucking business.


Never said the world revolved around me. A valid question, however there is a real sense of entitlement of many people in this neighborhood who feel that because they want it they should have it. I’ve walked home down vernon late at night and the places that are open late don’t have very many people in them so is it really a economic plus to stay open that late? I would say that most people at that hour are drinking not necessarily sitting down to a full meal. As it says, this is for during the week.. They already are allowed to stay open till 4 am. I get that they want the same as the other place, but that place maybe should have not been allowed to be open till 4 during the week.


Sounds like it is time for Oar to move to the suburbs…all those young whippersnappers who aren’t asleep by 11pm moving into the neighborhood.


Some people work until midnight or later, and work weekends. Stop being so self-centered. The world does not revolve around you.


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