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NYPD officer killed after car flips over barriers at Queens Plaza

Crash site

Crash site

Dec. 10, 2013 By Christian Murray

A 36-year-old off-duty police officer was killed after her car struck a barrier rail and then flipped over and crashed into a vacant store at the base of the Queensboro Bridge this morning, according to police.

Officer Elisa Toro was exiting the bridge in her 2004 Ford Focus at about 1:50 am and stuck a guard rail, then bounced into a cement barrier before flipping over on the passenger side and going through a vacant store at 25-06 Queens Plaza South.

Toro, a 10-year veteran and divorced mother of two who worked out of Manhattan’s 17th Precinct, was pronounced dead on the scene. Nobody else was injured.

Several serious accidents have occurred at this off ramp in recent years—as motorists have had trouble getting off the bridge as they go into Queens.

Two years ago the same store—located at 25-06 Queens Plaza South– was destroyed in a similar crash.

Following those accidents, politicians called on the Department of Transportation to improve traffic safety in the area. The DOT added additional signage and barriers at the time.

However, politicians such as State Sen. Mike Gianaris said in a statement that his request to have the DOT to redesign the exit ramp was ignored.

“How many more people have to die before the DOT understands that the Queensboro Bridge exit ramp must be redesigned?” Gianaris said.

guard rails and cement barrier which victim drove into

guard rails and cement barrier that victim drove into

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I know everyone has there own opinions but this is my family you are talking about. You people need to have a little more heart. She was a police officer in NY and no one wants to thank her for that instead people down talk her. Whats wrong with you people? Grow a heart seriously!!!!!


Ever since they changed the configuration of the “off-ramp” in the name of safety, it has caused traffic, pollution and deaths. Great job NYCDOT!


Me, what is so suspicious about an off-duty cop driving back home at 2AM?

The first time can be an accident: twice can be a coincidence: but three and up is a problem that has not been address properly. That area is a pain to drive in to and I agree if you need to turn to get to LIC you must be ready to speed up and cut someone off.

LIC Dude

This needs to be fixed immediately. It’s obv. since they changed it that it’s a hazard.

They need to take the city planners/pencil pushers who designed the changes in a car to actually drive it and see how it is.

Doesn’t matter the cost or who’s to blame, just fix it!!


Whoever had a negative comment could go screw yourself!!! She was a great person and served for the city and protected a whole bunch of a**holes every single day!!! It wasn’t drunk driving dushbag!!!! What about every other accident that happened in the same exact spot! If it was your mother or child in that car you would not be saying this!


It seems worse since they took away that immediate right at the foot of the bridge (I think it’s Crescent St.). Previously there was a stop sign for East bound “street traffic”, thereby allowing East bound bridge traffic coming off the bridge the option to turn right/South.

Since that change it is very difficult for the cars coming off the bridge to keep right, or be forced to stay left with no choice but to end up on Queens Blvd.

I use that route often and between the bus stops on the right and the on coming East bound traffic it can be difficult to make the next right unless you get a bit aggressive, or simply follow the flow towards Queens Blvd. which is crazy when all you want to do is get to Vernon or 21st.

Me too

If any of you ever got the Q60 or Q32 at this street you wouldn’t be so careless with your words! Annie D. Is right….it’s not all due to negligent drivers.
When you come off the bridge at this point, you have to criss cross with busses, trucks and vehicles to get into the lane designated to the direction in which you are driving into queens. One lane leads to L.I.C., one lane leads to Queens blvd and the last one leads to Northern blvd. – all of the lanes begin off that ramp! It’s a hot spot for accidents!

Annie D

I think the amount of bad accidents that happen at exactly this spot suggest this needs to be redesigned and/or additional signage and road markings to slow people down (the kind that make noise when you go over them, like at toll booths).

It’s not all due to negligent driving if one location has a much higher rate of crashes. Very sad.

Hugo Stiglitz

I agree with above comments. Driving standards have plummeted in the last few years. There are so many people on the road who don’t seem to have the first clue about proper driving.


How about people learn how to drive responsibly? Every day I see people going 50+ coming down the bridge into the plaza. You mean to tell me speed was not a factor in any of these incidents?


its a tragedy but these accidents are preventable by KNOWING how to drive and KNOWING to slow down on that curve!


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