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What Do You Want to See at Hunters Point South Park? Make Your Voice Heard With New Survey

Yoga at Hunters Point South Park (HPPC)

Jan. 23, 2018 By Nathaly Pesantez

Now’s your chance to help decide what activities should make their way to the Long Island City waterfront.

A new survey released by the Hunters Point Parks Conservancy asks the public to choose what it wants to see at the park in 2018. Options listed in the online survey include dancing, exercise, literary events, children’s events, movies, and music.

Each selected activity then breaks off into in-depth questions to better help the HPPC plan for future events. For example, those who select dancing as a top choice would then have to pick the types of dance they’d like to participate in, such as tango, salsa, and silent disco.

Survey participants can also fill in their own activity if the option does not appear on the document.

The survey is the first for the conservancy. “We wanted to get some feedback from the community,” said Rob Basch, HPPC president.

Kids of Summer (HPPC)

About 100 responses have been collected so far, and yoga seems to be among the most popular choice from participants, Basch said.

The HPPC survey also asks participants questions on the quality of the parks in Hunters Point, and to share suggestions for improving them in areas like seating, bathrooms, and trash pick up.

“People love the parks and are happy with them, and we want them to stay clean and safe,” Basch said. “Especially with phase 2 of the Hunters Point South Park opening soon—we want to be in position to be sure the park has high standards.”

The HPPC organizes and supports events at Gantry Plaza State Park, Hunters Point South Park, and other green spaces in Hunters Point, and contributes to their overall care.

The survey can be accessed here. The HPPC will collect responses until Feb. 15.

Movies in the park  (HPPC)

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Dolores Daniels

I would like to see a garden, that would look pretty. And a place for the seniors ,a senior center. . Ctr

LIC Neighbor

I would like to see more police, state park police, workers picking up and sweeping, emptying garbage cans, ticketing dog owners for not picking up their dog excrement, more ticketing, more proactive police officers ticketing and arresting marijuana smokers, moving and towing illegally parked cars, ticketing the food trucks for not cleaning up the surrounding space around their trucks.


I’d like to see the Police ticket the FOOD TRUCKS on an ongoing basis for parking in illegal places. Not only do those trucks create a safety hazard, but they’re always idling – creating noise and air pollution. Furthermore, they compete with our Long Island City brick and mortar quick eats – making our local establishments less successful!


Any events as long as they are open to the public, free or affordable, not just the elites or hipsters, (see the Great Googa Mooga, Governor’s Ball, NYFW…).


Brand sponsored events bring in cash and get the area good PR… we need a mix of free, paid and sponsored to maintain a healthy balance.


Garbage cans with a pizza box garbage can, Coffeed to throw away their garbage and not let it stacked 8 feet high to attract pests, police, traffic cops to direct traffic and ppl (8 out of 10 cars do not stop at the traffic sign), food trucks in a designated area that do not block the intersections; no double or triple parking, parents that watch their children more than their drinks, no blasting all day music 7 am to 10 or 11 pm. It is a great park but some rules need to be made n enforced.


You know that cardboard isn’t steel, right? Fold the box in half and you can fit it anywhere. Or should the city procure some specially designed garbage cans just to accommodate your lazy habits? Agreed about parents watching their kids though. If pets have to be kept on a leash outside of the designated “runs,” why isn’t the same required of kids outside the playgrounds?


Absolutely. We are looking into getting a trainer to do classes for seniors. Any additional thoughts of what you would like to see for seniors please advise.

Howard Brickman

I would like to see some of the walk that are done for all the various illness and diseases done here for charity and let the org keep thier fundraising dollars for their own research and for a cure… like myestenia gravis we had a walk last spring that brough out about 400 walkes to raise money for a cure for our rare disease…. or alheimers or cancer or autism to name a few… you do great work for our community why not give your park to charity and be known for that as well.. I am Howard brickman I have myestenia gravis… my cell is 927-972-5587 would love to have our walk done here again this spring…


We did work with the group the organized the Myestenia Gravis walk and I will give you a call to talk further.


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