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Van Bramer plans march across Queensboro Bridge to protest Trump’s values

March leaves from Dutch Kills Green

March leaves from Dutch Kills Green

Nov. 16, 2016 By Hannah Wulkan

Demonstrations and protests have dominated cities across the country since the election last week, and now a local politician is getting in on the action.

Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer will be leading a march across the Queensboro Bridge to Trump Tower on Saturday to protest against the values that President Elect Donald Trump espouses. The march will begin at 1 pm and will leave from Dutch Kills Green in Queens Plaza.

“We may not be able to reverse the results of this election but we can and should fulfill our obligation to resist all these things which have been explicitly promised and threatened by Trump and Pence,” Van Bramer wrote in a statement.

“Even if Donald Trump occupies the White House these next four years, he will not occupy us. He cannot occupy our hearts and minds and our will to live in a country that aspires to freedom and fairness and equality for all,” he added.

QueensboroThe march on Saturday is the second in two events Van Bramer is hosting in response to the election.

He is also hosting a “Community Speak Out” tonight at Sunnyside Community Services at 6 p.m. to bring together community members and various community and activist organizations to speak about the election results and possible actions to take in response.

Organizations including Planned Parenthood, Woodside on the Move, Make the Road New York, various LGBTQ and immigrant groups, and about a dozen more will gather tonight at the event, and Van Bramer said that he hopes it will connect people with ways to channel their feelings about the election in to action.

“We will come together in Western Queens to share ideas on how to be effective in our resistance. And we’ve brought together some groups representing the people most clearly and directly under assault,” Van Bramer wrote in the statement.

“And on Saturday, we’ll march over the Queensboro Bridge from the place Trump once called home to remind him that diversity makes us stronger. He may have been raised in Queens but he isn’t from here anymore,” he added.

Organizations included in the event tonight are:

-Planned Parenthood of New York City

-Girl Scouts of Greater New York

-Make the Road New York

-Woodside On the Move

-Jacob Riis Center

-Sunnyside Community Services

-Emerald Isle Immigration Center

-Big Reuse

-Catholic Migration Center

-Queens Library

-Fortune Society

-Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City

-Muslim Student Association of Aviation High School

-Theater of the Oppressed New York

-Aids Center of Queens County

-The Arab American Family Support Center

-…And possibly more

725 Fifth Avenue

725 Fifth Avenue

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Will this protest be as effective as the one Jimmy held calling for a stop sign at 5th Street and 46th Avenue? Or is it a distraction from his failure to do basic part of his job?

What happened

To I may not agree with what you say but I defend your right to say it? How did we get to I don’t agree with what you say so you shouldn’t be allowed to speak?


Jimmy Van Bramer is obviously a card carrying member of the Progressive Socialist Left. Creating chaos, division and tearing down Western societies and western values are what they do best. I also see he has support from the Muslim Students Association and other Muslim Brotherhood terrorist front groups. Knowing how Islam treats gay people, his hypocrisy is astounding.

JVB is a disgrace. Thus whole Progressive Socialist Leftist movement is a disgrace. Collectivist group think is very dangerous to our western society.


Just when you thought we would thought we would make it through a whole thread without someone being openly racist.

You have the wrong "ist"

Racism is the belief that your race is superior to every other race. Where in “realist” post does he/she make a claim his/her race is superior?


On the Left, anyone who doesn’t think straight white men are the source of all the ills in the world or believes in enforcing immigration law is a racist.

Adios Hillary!

Will Jimmy be providing teddy bears, crayons and coloring books for any marchers “triggered” by the sight of a Trump supporter?


I was really hopeful when i heard there would be a community service event that it would be something to bring LIC together … like painting a school or cleaning up a park or something like that. I am disappointed to say the least. we should be coming together.


The timing for this voter pandering passing as a protest march can’t be more stupid. Today at city hall, there is going to be a rally to demand ratification of the small business jobs survival act, why doesn’t Jimbrowski and these groups join them on park row instead and fight the developers and their whore mayor who are keeping it in limbo. Don’t these supposed liberals care about small businesses and jobs in Western Queens, or are some predatory developers on the REBNY board better than Trump?

Adios Hillary!

Identity politics (pardon the expression) trumps practical economic matters that affect the average person.


JVB is a joke from the Sunbather statue to this QB Bridge incite the group march. Trump is the President, get over it already. Why do we favor Illegal Immigrants who over crowd the schools and deplete the health care system and bring down wages for all. Sanctuary Cities should be de-funded by Trump. when the money runs out so will the Politicians such as JVB and DUMBlasio.


Where’s the protest and march for changes to Queens Blvd to same lives? Where the march to fix the on and off ramps of QB Bridge? Where’s the march to get our children out of school trailers and into REAL classrooms? These were supposed to be done 3 years ago…wasted time and energy on your iwn agenda JVB! I feel bad for the people you have falsely led….


JVB thank you for organizing and doing something for the community. Last time I checked, JVB is the Councilman for a district that has Latinos, LTBG, Women, Muslims and decent human beings. We have the right as Americans to stand up for our rights and Trump’s past statements and recent actions demonstrate that he could careless about the above mentioned groups’ rights. Trump may be the president-elect but that does not mean we should shut-up. As far as I know we don’t living a dictatorship yet.


as per your comment above .

i think anyone who thinks all trump supporters are racist hatemongers is naive at minimum. You should ask yourself why someone voted for trump. We need to get back to having dialogues with each other rather than screaming and insulting each other.


You must be projecting your thoughts on to my writing because I never even mentioned Trump supporters. I was only mentioned people that live in Queens which probably include some Trump voters. I am well aware that NOT all Trump voters (I know a few) are racists but they did decide to vote for him despite his hateful rhetoric. I guess everyone has their priorities and mine, as a minority, are to protect my family’s rights.


Ro- Alex didn’t project into your writing. You implied it with your thank you for organizing the protest of trump on behalf of the “decent human beings” who live in LIC. Which implies that those who voted trump aren’t decent. He didn’t project- just was able to see through the thin veil of an insult.


Jimmy you are Deplorable!!!!!!! Stop this BS already, your should be better than this!!!! And stop feeding coals to the fire. Do something beneficial and remove that ugly pink statue you placed on Jackson Ave.!!!


smart answer from someone on the left … if you have a different opinion you are a nazi, hitler, a racist , etc etc etc you ever think maybe you guys want to discuss issues with people rather than hurl insults? And you wonder why HRC lost.

By the way i am not white, Idiot


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