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Thirteen Stories To Rise On 24th Street Across From QLIC

41-41- 24th street

April 22, 2016 Staff Report

A 13-story, 24-unit residence is slated to bring more neighbors to Queens Plaza.

Plans were filed with the Department of Buildings Tuesday for construction at 41-41 24th Street, just across the street from QLIC. There will be two apartments per floor from floors two through 13.

The second floor apartments will get a balcony. There will also be outdoor recreation space on the roof and indoor recreation space on the first floor, according to the building plans.

The plans also indicate that no parking will be provided.

The project’s architect is Karl Fischer, who has designed a number of Long Island City developments including the nearby Crescent Club at 41-17 Crescent St. and 27 on 27th at 27-03 42nd Road.

The developer, listed at the DOB as Louis Evangelista, could not be reached for comment.

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To the interested parties. My handle as Handle +He said” said .is MRLIC which has something to do with my name and where I live. sc posts as sc, LICgrowsobig has that handle. At least you know it’s me. Anonymous could be any different person. There are many that post Anonymous. You can protest Development Handle “Onelasttime”. If enough people write to their legislators (I do) on issues, you can affect change. Development can be stopped.


I’m sorry, but all development should halt while DeBlahsio is under investigation, especially any of the rezoning he’s pushed forward. We all know he’s guilty.


I’m tried of reading about and discussing these developments. They are going to build whether we like it or not. If you cant change something then change you attitude. Good luck!


We agree a Great Place has been lost and King Bloomberg was the culprit. If and when I move away, I would still look in on sites like LICPOST to see what was going on. I don’t think it would be fun to see a once nice neighborhood taken over by rich snobs.


To LICgrowSoBig. are you a Real Estate Agent or Developer to want these monstrous buildings to block out the SUN, crowd the trains and Roads etc… PS..The trains are already Overcrowded.


Neither. Just making a mockery of the situation. LIC’s fate is sealed, and has been since Bloomberg was in office. Once you finally accept that a great place has been lost, and move away, it’s kind of fun to watch.


For you Rich Snobs that won’t rub shoulders with normal middle and low income people, shame on you. I wish there was more affordable housing and less snobby rich Luxury Housing. The neighborhood was before and would be now without you Anonymous. Why don’t you have a name as many people post anonymously on here?

He said

Don’t you have “a name”. MRLIC always posts as MRLIC so you know it’s him. I believe he is referring to a “handle” not the name on his birth certificate


There’s little profit in low / middle income housing and developers are in this for the money, not because they are concerned about the neighborhoods around Queensboro Plaza. I’m familiar with this area- my Dad actually had a Carvel Store on Queens Plaza North by Crescent Street, back in the 60s. The neighborhood was crap back then, and if you’d paying attention, it got worse in the 70s, the 80s, the 90s, etc. Lately, it’s getting a LOT better.

There will always be middle and low-income housing in and around Queens; there’s still acres and acres of under-utilized land all over the place. Criticism whenever a new building goes up, just because YOU can’t afford it, is pointless. For many years, the low-income housing along the river in Queens has given us a lot of problems; in the last 20 years, building up the area along the river has brought so much improvement. I look forward to what is coming next.


We don’t want or need more affordable housing here. We have the Hunters Point South buildings and the largest housing project in the united States. Queens bridge. What we need is to get rid of you “Mr LIC” not more affordable housing.


Just what we need probably another LUXURY Building. Now you know why there is no affordable housing in NYC,


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