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State Suspends Liquor Licenses of 10 Queens Establishments, Including Astoria’s Bohemian Hall Beer Garden

Bohemian Hall Beer Garden (Google)

Aug. 12, 2020 By Allie Griffin

Ten more Queens bars and restaurants had their liquor licenses suspended over the past week — including New York’s oldest beer garden — as the state continues to crack down against establishments that violate coronavirus regulations.

The state’s task force led by the State Police and State Liquor Authority (SLA) conducted more than 6,800 compliance checks over the last week. Investigators issued violations to 162 businesses and suspended the liquor licenses of 38 establishments across New York City and Long Island, including Astoria’s Bohemian Hall Beer Garden.

Businesses that violate COVID-19 regulations — such as face mask requirements, no indoor dining, social distancing, serving past the 11 p.m. dining curfew or serving alcohol without food — face fines up to $10,000 per violation.

Egregious violations can result in the immediate suspension of a bar or restaurant’s liquor license

“The task force has been hard at work to protect the public’s health and will continue to hold these establishments, who think they are above the law and immune to this pandemic, accountable for endangering the lives of New Yorkers,” SLA Chair Vincent Bradley said.

More than a third of COVID-related liquor license suspensions have been at Queens businesses over the course of the pandemic.

To date, 132 businesses across the state have been slapped with suspensions during the coronavirus pandemic, including 47 in Queens.

Governor Andrew Cuomo said New York won’t allow the violators of COVID safety measures to ruin the state’s success in beating back the virus.

“We will not allow a handful of bad actors or reckless businesses to halt or reverse New York’s progress,” Cuomo said in a statement. “This is about enforcement, and while state investigators are working tirelessly to enforce compliance, local governments must step up and do their jobs.”    

The ten most recent Queens businesses that had their liquor licenses suspended include:

El Trono De Mexico Sports Bar, located at 38-19 69th St. in Woodside, on Aug. 11

El Marquez, located at 88-11 Roosevelt Ave. in Jackson Heights, on Aug. 11

Mangu Patio, located at 122-07 15th Ave. in College Point, on Aug. 10

Beer Garden at Bohemian Hall, located at 29-19 24th Ave. in Astoria, on Aug. 9

Café Expresso, located at 25-51 Steinway St. in Astoria, on Aug. 9

Pyramids Hookah and Bar, located at 40-19 Bell Blvd. in Bayside, on Aug. 9

Aliada, located at 29-19 Broadway in Astoria, on Aug. 8

Dominie’s, located at 34-07 30th Ave. in Astoria, on Aug. 7

The Village Green, located at 14-17 150th St. in Whitestone, on Aug. 6

The End Zone, located at 149-44 14th Ave. in Whitestone, on Aug. 6

Investigators found a variety of violations at the 10 establishments, including alcohol being served without food, a lack of facial coverings on patrons and/or employees and patrons drinking and congregating outside.

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Its plain and simple they violated the law knowingly and now must face the consequences of their actions.


Suspended? That means huge fines for these businesses, that owe rent and can’t make money. These Astoria businesses were targeted to ‘set an example’ by Cuomo’s henchmen. Meanwhile, every neighborhood in NYC has restaurants that could succumb to these violations. The punishment doesn’t fit the crime here. Cuomo might as well just say they are closing the these businesses down permanently.

If we had had a proper reaction with an enforced mandatory mask rule in March, this crazy over reaction would never have have landed on the businesses.


Unbelievable. The fake pandemic has been over in NYC since at least May, yet lockdowns continue, and the robots walk around outdoors with masks on, for no reason. What we now know:

* Masks don’t work
* Social distancing doesn’t work
* HCQ works and it’s cheap, but information about it is restricted and access banned for political reasons
* Covid is not dangerous AT ALL for anyone under 50 without serious health problems already
* Covid is no more dangerous than any seasonal flu
* At this time in NYC, FAR more people are dying because of the lockdowns than because of Covid

The ENTIRE lockdown was needless. But back in March it at least made a bit of sense. But we have known for months it’s useless, and we know with 100% certainty now that there is no reason for it to continue. Yet it continues. And continues. And continues.

Cuomo should go to jail for life.


If masks and social distancing don’t work, why are there tons of cases now in Florida but not NY?
If it’s no more dangerous than a seasonal flu, why is the rate of death and long term health issues much much higher?
My healthy, thin, 34 year old nurse friend nearly died of it.
Do you have any proof for any of your claims?


A Sensible Man has done the research and you have not, apparently. And research isn’t easy. If you didn’t get started months ago, much of the data has been scrubbed from the internet, for political reasons, surely, and new testimony continues to be suppressed. But you are entitled to your opinion. Were I to express my opinion, say, on facebook, some Karen like you would take it down for “misinformation”. Covid-1984.

Astoria Resident

NEARLY died of it, but didn’t. I don’t know anyone who did nor anyone who knows anyone who did. Know 10 people who had it and survived. Know 3 people who dies of cancer in this time period. I don’t doubt people have, but it’s certainly not worth all these people losing their businesses. If you’re afraid, stay home.


Do you have any proof of this? Its not like Republicans haven’t lied, cheated, and conspiracied with foreign governments to undermine everything that America stands for and thats just the trump family.

Just Stop

ASM is such a complete joke.

Moderators, I think you have an obligation to remove false claims about the coronavirus.


People like you that say things like this are the types of people that should have suffered from this virus, not the innocent people that tired to protect themselves. I hope this virus doesn’t reach your home and infect you, or worse, your family. Or maybe it should, so you can feel the pain that innocent people around the world are feeling that lost someone.

I watched someone in their late 20s die because of this virus. Shut your mouth and wear your mask.


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