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Southeast Queens Backed Hochul in Big Numbers, While Northeast Queens Favored Zeldin

The Assembly Districts following this year’s redistricting (BOE)

Nov. 9, 2022 By Christian Murray

Governor Kathy Hochul brought in 63 percent of the vote in the borough of Queens Tuesday, a number that got a big boost due to the residents of southeast Queens.

Hochul racked up huge numbers in Assembly Districts 29, 31, 32 and 33—which include the southeast Queens neighborhoods of Springfield Gardens, Hollis, Rosedale, Jamaica, Cambria Heights, St. Albans, Bellerose and Queens Village.

For instance, in District 29, 22,280 voters cast their ballots for Hochul compared to 2,538 for Lee Zeldin. In District 31, 14,631 voted for Hochul compared to 2,947 for Zeldin. Similar margins were found in Districts 32—with 18,312 for Hochul and 2,176 for Zeldin– and District 33, with 21,632 for Hochul and 4,091 for Zeldin.

The western Queens districts also voted heavily in support of Hochul, although the numbers were not as lopsided. However, districts 34, 35, 36 and 37 still backed her by handsome margins.

However, within the western Queens assembly districts there were splits. In District 37, for instance, voters in Sunnyside and Long Island City overwhelmingly backed Hochul, compared to residents of the district who live in Ridgewood and Maspeth that went for Zeldin.

Zeldin generated support in pockets of Queens, winning five of the borough’s 18 assembly districts. He won District 23, which covers Howard Beach and a large portion of the Rockaways, by a sizeable margin. He garnered 19,190 votes, compared to Hochul’s 11,579.

He also won District 27, which covers College Point and Kew Gardens Hills, by a vote of 13,466 to 10,260. Meanwhile, District 40, which covers Flushing, also voted in favor of Zeldin by the slender margin of 7,819 to 7,301. Zeldin also won Districts 25 and 26, both in northeast Queens, by small margins.

Voters in much of central Queens favored Hochul, although the margins were significantly less than those in southeast Queens. Voters in District 28, which covers Forest Hills and Rego Park, backed Hochul by a margin of 18,636 votes to 15,853. She also won in Districts 30, 38, and 39.

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Hichul getting in by Dumb NYC voters proves upstate and
Long Island voters are smarter than rich NYC elite voters. NYC vkters better not say on TV ir to otber media they want crime to stop since tbey voted for it. Hochul ,AOC, Schumer ,Heastie , Alvin Bragv woke DA etc..getting in mrans nothing will change. Thank God Democratic Chair Sean Patrick Maloney was defeated by Mike Lawler whom he criticized as being mega MAGA. MAloney was on video calling cash bail a priority to get rid of. Voters votex against Malobey,’s ideas, smart. No longer do Dem. SOCIALISTS Have a super majority in Albany. NY was actually a state where tbey did not fare as well as other Dem. Run states. CRIME CRIND CRIME BUT DEM. SICIALOSTS are anti -police.AOC wants to defund tbe NYPD. TIFFANY CABAN wants to go a step further and Disband tbe NYOD. All Dem. SOCIALISTS ARE Bad for NYC and State and America. NYC needs to get rid of the sanctusry city status. Now thst Biden put back Covid -19 restriction at the border anfmd it slowed down a little. SO Adams closes Randalls Island t b st was moved from the Bronx ay
At great expense to
Taxpayers.$650-$1 million. Yet Hochul is pushing money fcir tbe NTA whefe you are not even safe anymore. With cknvestion lricing. HOW dud Politicians find taxpayer money for illegals but NOTfor citizens who are already struggling with food and rent.
To pay $9-$23 dollars to enter Manhattan. Terrie Governor shoukx never havs been elected . DUMB NYC VOTERS.
FYI ber exlensuve 10 Office Building plan and Penn St. Plan Is a gift to her rich developer donors for the city
isď Kicking out small businesses and rent controlled apts and Penn St. Will NOT get one extra track. YOU WILL SEE AND LOOK UP EVERYTHING I SAID IT IS ALL TRUE.


The electorate in general in the US sent out two messages. They are sick and tired of the extremes ie identity/socially obsessed candidates. Trump backed candidates took a beating nationally and the far left ie end cashless bail, woke politics took a hit like in NY with Hochul barely winning instead of a landslide like most democrat do and four woke democrats losing in congress.


Pau tbis us not enough to change what she will do. DUMB NYC voters voted for status quo and more crime.They cannot complain about crime now or Alvin Bragg woke DA.Despite her narrow 5% victory for aDemocrat in NY. Very little if anything will change only. Get worse. SHE is a Democratic Socialist who ran on the far keft Socialist party line on tbe
Ballot and tbe regular Democratic ballot line. AOC and Schumer all ran and won on tbis Socialist ballot
line. In fact tbe WFP is taking credit for Hochuls 5% victory as she garnered 4.6% on tbeir ballot line. She is pro- criminal and pro- illegal immigrant. She us anti- american as is ,,
Biden. She called herself a Biden Democrat. NOTHING
will Chanve as evidenced by her saying Thursday she is taking a slow aplroach on cash bail. She thinks crime is nust a national problem. NYC and state ctime should be what she worries about. But she dors not. Her major worry was to get elected with lies she will get tough on crime. Why would she say in her only agreed to debate that” why is it so important to (Zeldin ) to put oeoe in jail. ” Her arogance for civility and law and order showed right there.She a as ok giving exclided workers (illegals) $2 billion Cuomo had previously allotted for them them.She waived ID and where tbey worked requirements. THE city had found out the claimants could not say where they worked as most worked off the books and paid no taxes. They deserved nothing and this was all not voted on taxpayer money. DEM. SOCIALIST BS. Thank God for Republicans blocking 800,000 non citizens to vote in local elections. THE GOP suit won in court. It was found against tbe state constitution to do so. DEM. SOCIALISTS are appealing. If you tecall Cjty Council Member at the time Ydanis Rodriguez said about illegals voting in local elections “if New Yorjers don’ t like it they should move”He is now Adams Transportation Commissioner because he scratched Adams back getting hispanics to vote for Mayor failure Adams.My point in this whe reply is nothing is goung to get better here esoecially with those DeBasio ballot proposals passing. ALL RACIALLLY DIVISIVE ANTI AMERUCAN PROPOSALS.


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