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PODCAST: We Speak to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, She Seeks Another Term in Congress

June 10, 2020 By Christian Murray

The Democratic primary for the 14th Congressional District takes place June 23 and incumbent Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seeks another term.

The congresswoman is running against former CNBC reporter Michelle Caruso-Cabrera and community organizer Badrun Khan.

We speak to Ocasio-Cortez about what she has been doing in congress and why she believes she deserves another term.

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She legit turned away thousands upon thousands of job opportunities by trash talking a company that employs almost a million people. These jobs would have gone to all different types of people and the neighborhood would have began to flourish with all sorts of opportunities. BUT since she’s our leader we must trust her that these were bad people coming to ruin our neighborhood. What has she done for the community now? Total joke.


She is bad for NY. How do you turn down thousands of jobs in your district?? And why, because not all the jobs would be for people of color, and would include people outside the neighborhood? Whelp, looks like you don’t need to worry about gentrification now do you, with crime skyrocketing and NYC looking at the worst recession in decades.
Politicians can’t just think of where the city is presently. When the Amazon fiasco happened, the economy was strong, there was no Covid. Pretty sure everyone in LIC would have been much happier to have Amazon committed to the area, to have the contracts signed. Construction would have gone on, as it did in most places since Covid, providing thousands of jobs and substantially increasing take-out business for the struggling restaurants.
Plus she is a bona fide racist. Almost 80% of what she says is literally and openly against white people. There’s a way to support people of color (which she’s not doing well anyway) without open being anti-white, which she is.

Roger S

Crazy thing is she is engagaged or married to a white guy,. went to school and grew up with whites surrounding herself only with them,. butttt now uses her spanish card to play politics and secure a job in congress bashing whites and successful people who actually worked for what they accomplished,.. surely better then what she accomplished being a bartender before this


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