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Officials Looking to Rename Long Island City Park, Calling on Residents to Submit Suggestions

Bridge & Tunnel Park (NYC Parks)

Dec. 10, 2019 By Kristen Torres

Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer and the Parks Department are looking to rename a Long Island City park that they say has a very bland name.

Officials are looking to rename Bridge & Tunnel Park, located at 50th Avenue between 11th Street and 11th Place, after residents complained that the current name does not effectively represent the community.

The park, which is less than 1/2 an acre in size, received its current name from its location — as it is close to both the Pulaski Bridge and the Queens-Midtown Tunnel. The park was established in 1957 and consists of a basketball court and handball court.

A panel made up of community members will be in charge of picking the park’s new name based off community suggestions. The panel includes Meridith Maskara, Moitri Savard, Lakshmi Reddy, Mary Torres, Michael Son, Melissa Lirtsman, Jean Woods-Powell, Bea Murphy, and Denise Keehan-Smith.

The Parks Dept. is accepting suggestions on its website Dept. through Dec. 31. Officials are asking residents who submit a name to state what inspired them to recommend it.

“The name of a park should reflect the community it is in,” Van Bramer said. “It is important we give residents an opportunity to be part of the renaming process. I am excited about the proposed names our residents will develop.”

Park name suggestions can also be after a Long Island City resident, as long as that person was of particular importance to New York City or the neighborhood.

The Parks Depart. is asking the names suggested be positive and a “meaningful reflection of the community.”

Bridge & Tunnel Park (Google Maps)

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How about “political panderers JVB, Gianaris and AOC lost us 25k jobs and let us rename this shitty ‘park’ instead” park? I think that is an honest reflection of the mood of the neighborhood.

Gigi Piervincenti

First and foremost because of its proximity to the tunnel it needs to have a little more green. Basically it’s not a park per say…It consist of basketball and handball courts. I would name it “Licity Hope Courts”.


Turn the park into a lot for the 108th Precinct cops so that they can get their damn cars off the sidewalk on 50th Avenue.


How about BOBBY O’MALLEY SGT U.S.M.C 638STEAMFITTER PARK HE was a Sunnyside resident awarded the MOH for action during VN and then worked as a 638 STEAM FITTER


This is not a park at all. Where’s the trees? Where’s the benches? Where’s the dirt? Where’s the plants? C’mon. Even our neighborhood the dog runs are cemented over. Why not push the reset button and make it a real green park space. Green spaces create a sense of community. this doesn’t. Let’s rename it “Cement.”

Tunnel traffic

How about “Exhaust fume and brake pad asbestos dust” park…sounds appropriate considering the location

Peter Incantalupo

When I was growing up across the street from the tunnel on 51st. Ave. we called it grass hill. Then they revamped the lanes in the toll plaza in 1980-81 and they built that park. They should name it Frank Carozzo Park. He lived close to it and he loved LIC .


Cart before the horse mentality. Fix the park up before renaming it. Frank Carrado the de facto Mayor if LIC who did earlier this year. Last time I was there the pavement was all bumpy on the basketball court.

young man!

Not exactly.
Boaty McBoatface got it’s name because all of the people were able to vote on a name for that new exploration ship.
In this case, they hand selected a panel of “experts” to come up with a name and the residents won’t have the opportunity to choose.

For what its worth, I think the current name is appropriately descriptive. Maybe next on their agenda is to change the name of Central Park?


How about Long Island city park because it is in long island city!
Stoop erasing LIC’s history.


How about Suck Car Exhaust During Rush-Hour Traffic Nightmare Park? That about sums up that stretch of roadway.


The Parks Depart. is asking the names… be.. a “meaningful reflection of the community.”

Then let’s call it “Endless Development Park.”


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