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Nolan Announces Assembly Reelection Bid


June 27, 2016 By Christian Murray

Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan, who has represented Sunnyside, Long Island City, Ridgewood and parts of Astoria for more than 30 years, is running for her office again.

Nolan was elected to the Assembly in 1984 and was one of the youngest women to be elected in New York at the time.

Since being in the Assembly she has chaired a number of legislative committees including Labor, Banks, Real Property, Mass Transit and the bicameral, bipartisan Women’s Caucus. Nolan was the first woman to chair the Labor Committee and currently serves on the Ways and Means, Rules, Corporations and Veterans’ Affairs Committees, and chairs the Education Committee.

Nolan sought to take the speakership role in 2015 after Sheldon Silver was unceremoniously removed as a result of Federal corruption charges.

“In my 30 year Assembly career I have conducted myself with honesty and integrity,” Nolan stated in her candidacy announcement for Speaker.

At the time, she also noted the significance of a female Speaker candidate.

“A woman has never served as Speaker of the Assembly,” she said, adding that she would have little tolerance for legislators who sexually harassed their staffers.

Nolan was also the lead Assembly sponsor on the bill to bring paid family leave to New York State.

“Passing Paid Family Leave in the Assembly for many years helped set the stage for its inclusion in the 2016 state budget,” Nolan said. “Seeing it signed into law was very gratifying.”

She recently announced her opposition to the loosening of construction height limitations in New York City, a Mayor Bill de Blasio-led push that could potentially lead to bigger buildings that requires State legislation.

She has voiced opposition to the Phipps development in Sunnyside and is skeptical of de Blasio’s Sunnyside Yards proposal, both of which would ultimately be decided by the City Council.

However, she has not publicly put forward a position on Move NY’s plan to introduce tolls at various City crossings such as the Queensboro Bridge. This plan must be passed by the State and was introduced as an Assembly bill in March.

Nolan appears to be running unopposed in the Democrat primary that is being held on Sept. 13. No other candidate has publicly announced, although the filing deadline is July 14.

Assembly candidates must submit 500 signatures from registered Democrats before July 14 to run in the primary.

Nolan, at this point, has little money on hand.

Nolan’s only active campaign fund, Nolan 2016, had a balance of $1,727 in January 2016 – the date of the last report – according to New York State Board of Elections documents.

She has faced a rival in previous general elections. Nolan ran against John K. Wilson, who ran as a Libertarian in 2014, and beat him convincingly.

Wilson ran on a platform calling for term limits.

“Six years in office should be the limit,” Wilson said during the last campaign. “I want to put an end to career politicians.”

“The longer someone is in power the less work they do for the people,” Wilson said. “They take the job for granted and focus on moving up within the party.”

In announcing her reelection campaign, Nolan said that her record includes renovated subway stations, including the elevated structure along the 7 line.

She said that she has fought for better and more accessible bus service.

Nolan’s record also includes supporting the creation and expansion of Gantry Plaza State Park and renovations at Sunnyside, Astoria, Court Square and Ridgewood library branches.

She said she has funded many improvements and programs for LaGuardia Community College. She also said she has lead the fight to build new schools in western Queens and eliminate overcrowded trailers.

Best known for her current leadership of the Assembly Education Committee, Nolan has conducted meetings and school visits that focus on children, teachers, school leaders and parents. This committee, one of the largest in the legislature, handles the budget for the education of millions of children pre K-12.

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John John

David – This moron Paul is the answer to the question nobody asked. I think this low information low wage low IQ low performer is a racist on top of being a fool. He’s a waste of your time.

The Ease Man

Geeeeentlmen, relax. Take a deep breath and calm down. Just grab some drinks–or in Paul’s case, some brunch :)–and just coooooool. It’s never worth getting all excited over fundamental disagreements.


this has been a very riveting discussion that confirms just how deranged and hypocritical you progressive wackjobs and Nolan trolls are….but you are all the same.

I rem quite well how most loud mouth progressive ripped apart a mayor that has called for a 3rd term, yet forget his dealings of the Sept 11 recovery efforts and the worst economic recession since the great depression…but somehow my bringing up calls to bring in new leaders to replace a politician thats been around for 30 years with no major challengers appalls you? And when she finally retires, guess who takes her place? Either her well groomed chief of staff or a strategically placed machine candidate….and you guys wonder how guys like Trump came to rise.


Deranged?? Lets take a look at the very first sentence of the comment stream posted by you. “Instead of announcing a reelection, why dont you take the high road of integrity that you claim you have and say something like…” You’re an offensive arrogant overly self important stupid little man. Most of the people posting here are probably not even Catherine Nolan supporters or even Democrats for that matter. These people appear to be commenting on your ignorance and flat out stupidity at a rate of about three to one to the topic of term limits. You insult people for using the word blog when it was proven you’re the one with wrong definition of blog. You like to throw around the word integrity while your posts are the only ones here without any integrity. Instead of responding to the rebuttals people posted to your own stupidity you reply with unrelated buzz word laced talking points. WOW you really show a grasp of the issues you imbecile. This was not a discussion of the policies of Catherine Nolan nor a discussion of the topic of term limits it was a discussion on one persons ignorance and inability to stay focused on the topic at hand. You inject topics like ” tolls coming to the Koch Bridge, grocery bags getting taxed, criminals getting more rights than the average citizen, and of course the giving all the drunken bums the right to pee all over the city” into the discussion stream only to try to use them to put some type of supercilious spin and never discuss those issues at all. The worst part is you’re not even good at it. You and people like you are whats wrong with the world and the world of politics today not the people posting here who are willing to legitimately debate a topic.Why don’t you just take the “Ed Koch” Bridge back to the land of idiocy and low wages before you really embarrass yourself and your family. Because by the look of your comments you definitely do not have what it takes to succeed.


Yes, let’s take a closer look at our comments—My statement was aimed towards Nolan and indirectly targeted term limited. Your cry baby response? lets break it apart:

“You sound like a lazy Fox News watching blowhard”.—>>An insult beginning statement (Wouldnt expect anything less than a person lacking any integrity in conversation)

” I welcome Ms. Nolan’s vast experience and am very appreciative of her competent service. How naive are you? Do you imagine the damage if all incumbent politicians just stepped aside for the so called “new blood” step in? That would be the equivalent to just handing over the keys to our political system to rookie politicians and thousands of seasoned lobbyist” —>>your little dreamworld fantasy assumption which contradicts the entire foundation of the US electorate

“Are you really this gullible or pushing an agenda? You sound like a naive imbecile.—>> ANother insult

Little boy, why dont you go back to your little protests meetings over “cockroaches rights” or the “rats have feelings too” club . I dont need anymore proof as to how pathetic you are.

Drumpf Lover

Having an experienced representative is great but 30 years is a little too much for any public official. We should have term limits.

“Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

The older I get, the more this is true.


The same founding fathers who said your mother is too stupid to vote and black people are less than a whole person?


Well I was referring more along the same founding fathers that set the stage for a republic that allows u to make comments like that without being beheaded or having to bow down to a royal lineage that values their traditions more so than ur life


Here’s the bottom line…if the worlds most powerful position have term limits, than so should anyone below…and this tradition was made through someone you guys obviously have no regards for….George Washington despite pleas to run for a third term, chose the high road….more politicians could learn from our founding fathers

Queen of Angels 1978

term limits are decided at the ballot. Stop having your rights curtailed.


I have nothing against Assemblyperson Nolan but I do believe 30 years is more than enough. Term limits anybody?


Paul- if you don’t like what someone writes in their blog don’t read it or write your own blog. Who do you think you are telling someone else what to write in their blog or in this case what not to write? The gall !!


@paul I heard your stupid little speech in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington an 80 year old film. David is right you are a naive imbecile. At least James Stewart tried to do something about it. You sound like a stupid Republican who is bitter because he’s living in Democrat land. Move to Alabama Oklahoma or Texas. The world has never been problem free pick up a history book you loud mouth fool.


@paul You don’t like what someone writes in their blog either don’t read it or write your own blog. You’re one of those loud mouths who do nothing but cry about what everyone else is doing. What a loser.


Instead of announcing a reelection, why dont you take the high road of integrity that you claim you have and say something like
“After 30 years in the assembly, I humbly thank all my constituents for the opportunity to serve. I hereby step down to allow the next generation of the 2.3 million people living in Queens to take on my role, so as to not monopolize this position and I urge all my veteran colleages to do the same…THis is progress, and this is how you bring about new ideas, new visions, and new change”


Paul Why don’t you step up to the plate and enter the race? You sound like a lazy Fox News watching blowhard. I welcome Ms. Nolan’s vast experience and am very appreciative of her competent service. How naive are you? Do you imagine the damage if all incumbent politicians just stepped aside for the so called “new blood” step in? That would be the equivalent to just handing over the keys to our political system to rookie politicians and thousands of seasoned lobbyist. Are you really this gullible or pushing an agenda? You sound like a naive imbecile.


David, you sound like a hack…a do nothing hack, that abides by the same establishment principles that is taking this country into Trumpville….Have you seen the news lately? Is the world getting any better? Two of the worst candidates, pathological liars, egotistic will decide the future of this nation and shape the agenda of this world in the next 4 years. Wake up, if things were so peachy….there wouldnt be so much anti establishment presence that you’d be a fool to ignore. Taking on Nolan is not as easy as waking up one morning. She has the entire democratic mob that caters to there own class and own interest….You are either part of the establishment (which makes you a hated man) or just a clueless hack


Yes, Paul we’re all clueless except you. That’s why you have the duty to tell Christian Murray what he should and shouldn’t write about in his own blog. Voters need a law to prevent them from voting in a candidate you obviously will not and didn’t vote for. If I’m a hack then you’re a hysterical blowhard who has no knowledge of history which is obvious by your silly rant right out of Fox News and the Republican establishment. Oh wait I am the hack who is part of the establishment. hahaha Stop boring us with your platitudes.


First off, this isn’t a blog you moron….iits a news outlets….blogs have opinionated posts as well as a disclaimer (required by law) indicating compensations for all those ads. As a news outlet I have my right to make comments as I choose, but you wouldn’t know that since you clearly lack knowledge of the basic amendments.

Secondly, my comment was directed to Nolan. it’s no wonder guys like trump and Clinton are inches away from leading the most powerful nation on earth, because of servants like you that simply kisses the ring of the establishment.

Assembly and council are no doctors, yet they demand to be paid like one through those outrageous raises, where the council oringally had the nerves to want 195,000 a year but settle for something slightly below and for what? So that they can raise tolls? Put a ridiculous tax on shopping bags? Convert subways into one giant public toilet for homeless?

You are the problem of this society and the type that will lead this country into the one you are witnessing in England.


-Paul you’re very much mistaken Mr. Murray has published dozens of opinion pieces by him and guests that I have seen through out all related outlets to the queens post such as LIC, Astoria, Sunnyside and Jackson Heights. Go look them up they are out there. Wow you’re a pretty nasty know it all.


Paul – it appears you’re also wrong in your definition of blog..

1.a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.
1.add new material to or regularly update a blog.
“it’s about a week since I last blogged”
Is there any truth or fact in any your posts? The others posting here are correct about you being an imbecile and a nasty know it all or at least you think you know it all.

John John

Paul, You sound like a misinformed fool. I have seen the news lately and have seen portions of the world getting worse. Especially the portion in and around the scene of Americas war with Iraq. The war that The CBO estimated cost $2.4 trillion long-term price tag, about $1.9 trillion of that would be spent on Iraq, or $6,300 per U.S. citizen. The war that gave rise to ISIS Sunni extremist as soon as the Shia majority gained control. As the administration was repeatedly warned by our allies and experts would happen. The war that destabilized Syria killing an estimated 250,000 to 400,000 and causing 13.5 million Syrians requiring humanitarian assistance, of which 6.6 million are internally displaced within Syria, and over 4.8 million are refugees outside of Syria. Which the administration was also repeatedly warned would happen. Flooding the shores of our European allies and assisting in the dissolving of the EU and the number one reason sited by Britain casting “Yes” votes for an Exit from the union. It sounds like you want the very same people and policies that created this on going horrible and evil monstrosity back in power. You’d be a fool to ignore truth fact and history you moron. You have a lot of nerve calling anybody else posting here names, you sound like the biggest idiot posting to this stream.


Calling anybody names? Typical progressive nutjob. My post originally spoke of term limits from life long hacks like Nolan. So while you bleeding heart progressive choose to take a small spark into a forest fire…so be it…but let me scale back and bring this back to the local level…..Good luck with De Blasio, his hand picked Speaker, and all the other hacks taking this city to “glory”…
I am reminded of the progressive agenda as I watch homeless taking a dump on the train, NYC rats making a glorious comeback, tolls coming to the Koch Bridge, grocery bags getting taxed, criminals getting more rights than the average citizen, and of course the giving all the drunken bums the right to pee all over the city….gee, what next? An oxygen tax?


@Paul You call John John’s post progressive anyone else would just call it a historical timeline..Please provide the “progressive” components of this post and historical timeline. By the tone and wording of your buzzword laced post we can tell you’re a transplant to the area who doesn’t know why and how things are done. For someone so devoid of facts and information you sure do have a lot of opinions. You mention the so called “decriminalization” of open container laws, disorderly conduct and noise complaint laws and the “criminal” warrants for these offenses is to free up the police for the more serious offenses. “Decriminalization” doesn’t mean the offenders of such offenses will be getting away with anything just means things that were handled with “c-summons” like open container and noise complaints and public urination be “processed” differently, more as a civil concern which is why the police department classify them as “c-summons” to begin with. “We have been supportive of having a civil option for the police,” NYPD spokesman Stephen P. Davis told the Times. “Where appropriate, the civil option is probably going to be the go-to option,” he said, but police want to retain discretion to arrest.
A New York Daily News analysis shows the seven offenses that were sent to one of the city’s administrative civil courts under the Mark-Viverito plan account for roughly 2.7 million, or 42%, of the summonses issued by the NYPD between 2001 and June 2014. They also account for more than 510,000 open arrest warrants, according to the analysis of data provided by the state Office of Court Administration.
Leave it to Fox News to turn out its army of idiots to shout down a fiscally conservative and a more efficient and productive use of city police, judicial and administrative resources. Go back to the Conservative waste land you came from instead of trying to implement those proven failed policies here. The polices you’re touting are the reason why you needed to leave the dump you come from. Nobody calls it the Koch Bridge you ‘green horn”. Hahaha


Hey Paul, Democracy is great except when its not your candidate who wins the election. I bet if Ms. Nolan was a Republican you’d be singing a different tune. Why should she step down when the people in her district still want her for the job? Look around you, Western Queens is immersed in new ideas visions and change. LIC and Hunters Point were just recently industrial centers transforming into luxury planned communities. The brewery industry is taking off. The movie studios in Astoria and LIC are exploding. Turn off Fox News.


Mac, you made an entirely lucid, thoughtful, and reasonable post, aside from your FoxNewsTourette’s moment at the end. The new meds working out well for you?


30 years in office not a single democratic challenger….what a fine democracy we are heading….wonder why? It’s called the establishing doing their job by stifling anyone that goes against them


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