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New commanding officer appointed to 108 precinct

Capt. Ralph Forgione

Jan. 5, 2017 By Christian Murray

A new commanding officer has been appointed to the 108 Police Precinct, which covers Sunnyside, Woodside and Long Island City.

Captain Ralph Forgione, who has spent most of his career in Queens, will be taking over the command following the departure of Deputy Inspector John Travaglia.

This will be Forgione’s first time as a commanding officer, spending several years as an executive officer—or second in command—at various Queens precincts. He was most recently the executive officer at the 114th Precinct in Astoria. Prior to that, he was an executive officer at the 111th Precinct in Bayside; the 110th Precinct in Elmhurst; and 112th Precinct in Forest Hills.

Forgione takes the top job at a time when crime in the precinct has been on the decline.

The crime rate for the precinct—based on the number of reported major indexed crimes—has dropped significantly. Crime was down about 4 percent for 2016 (through December 25), compared to the same period in 2015.

Forgione said he has big shoes to fill coming in after Travaglia. However, he said that like Travaglia, who was an executive officer at the 114th before taking the 108 command, his experience in Queens will help him in the role.

He said that he has got to know people’s concerns in Queens and is aware of crime patterns in neighboring areas.

Forgione, who was born and raised in Queens, said that he will listen to everyone’s complaints, whether they are minor or major.

“I tell my officers to treat people like they are a family member,” he said. “They have to be concerned about people’s complaints and handle a situation to the best of their ability.”

He said that his door will be always open to the public and that he will personally be addressing many complaints himself.

Forgione said he looks forward to getting to know the community. “All I have heard is great things about people here.”

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Police always look down on the public. They r very judgmental when it comes to who they come across.
Just hope the new appointees are not as crooked as old ones.


The 108 is the worst precinct in Queens if you call 911 your lucky if they show up in 3-4 hours. And the attitude of the cops is so disrespectful. They talk down to you and act like they are doing you the favor.
Forgione will have the door open at all times lololo watch it locked in a week.
They all talk a good game coming in but it never lasts.


Not my experience at all. The few times I’ve called for something they were prompt. As for attitude, thats a cop thing, they all seem to have egos and an elevated sense of self worth (then again that describes most people). Don’t expect them to be cordial, they’re cut and dry.

Jamie L

Welcome! Treating people like they are family is a great sentiment, there has been a lack of compassion and respect for community members in the 108 (when the CO tells parents to go push their strollers on another block when asked to have police cars park with enough space for people to walk or push strollers through on the sidewalks, or stop parking in crosswalks and curbcuts- not a high crime situation but his gross attitude spoke volumes about what he really thought about the citizens). Excited for a real human to lead the 108.


Never thought there was a community relations problem with the 108 until I heard travaglia address the public my first and only time. He may have known his stuff but he really needed a good PR person.


I know it seems small in the big picture, but the bike lanes are terrible. They are in such poor shape that I usually go on the sidewalk when I can. People always park or stand idle in them and almost daily I see someone just flat out driving in them. As the victim of a hit and run while in a bike lane, I think it is important.

Crystal Wolfe

He seems like a very nice man. But this is very depressing. Missing Captain John already. Community Board 2 and all the meetings will be darkened without his wonderful sunny presence, fantastic sense of humor, and heart of gold.


Please keep our neighborhood safe we love it here in Woodside! More police walking the neighborhood! Good luck


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