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Nail salon nabs prime Vernon Blvd location

Sept. 13, 2013 001

Sept. 13, 2013 By Christian Murray

A new business is set to move in to a prime Vernon Blvd space.

A new nail salon, which will be located at 48-13 Vernon Blvd, is going to take over the 1,000 square foot space that was previously occupied by State Farm Insurance, according to workers on the site today. The workers did not know when the store would open or what the salon’s name will be.

State Farm moved to Jackson Ave at the beginning of the year

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HAH! This: “places you can buy actual nails, and not just trim and polish the ones on the ends of your fingers.” Made me laugh. And I 100% agree. I can’t think of a single non-food establishment I actually use in LIC. Ok, I got a bad haircut once. That’s it.


Time’s Up, I was using hyperbole to make a point. We have a relatively small commercial base in our neighborhood compared with those other Queens hoods you cite, and so each vacant storefront holds out promise that we can get a service we truly need in the area, and not just more nail salons, macaron bakeries, pet palaces, etc.

In Jackson Heights, since you mentioned it, there are at least 7 local neighborhood hardware stores — places you can buy actual nails, and not just trim and polish the ones on the ends of your fingers. Their retail offerings are far more varied than LIC’s too. All I’m hoping for is that we get more useful businesses in the area that many of us can use, and not just the narrowly focused places that cater to one — yes, pampered — segment.

Time's Up

“The pampered elite getting their nails manicured on practically every corner”


Walk around Roosevelt Avenue and surrounding blocks in Woodside, Jackson Heights, and Corona. Nail salons are everywhere. Are those residents also elite? Are those also fake neighborhoods? How few nail salons are required to make a neighborhoood sufficiently real?

I don’t wanna rain on your I-hate-my-neighbors parade, but next time perhaps you should make a point that has at least some tiny basis in fact.


The pampered elite getting their nails manicured on practically every corner. I swear, if I didn’t know better I’d thought Long Island City has turned into the Nation of Panem. Is this place ever going to be a real neighborhood again?

Nome de Plume

Why so many nail salons everywhere?

I can’t believe there’s enough business for them all. Something isn’t quite right.


A nail salon!
how original….
this will really improve the quality
of retail life on Vernon Blvd! zzzzzzzz


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