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MTA to Boost Q69 Bus Service, Route Links Jackson Heights with Long Island City

Photo: Wikimedia Commons via Tdorante10 CC BY-SA 4.0

June 21, 2018 By Christian Murray

The MTA has announced plans to increase bus service on two Queens lines this September—including the Q69 which connects Jackson Heights, Astoria and Long Island City.

The MTA said that it will be increasing the frequency of service during off-peak, week-day periods and on weekends as a means to keep pace with the growing population stemming from real estate development.

Currently the buses on the Q69 run every 15 minutes during off peak periods on weekdays and at similar intervals on weekends. The MTA has yet to reveal how much service will be increased come September.

The Q69 route joins Jackson Heights with Long Island City via the Ditmars Boulevard and 21st Street commercial corridors.

The MTA estimates that the more than 9,500 customers currently use the Q69 each week. The agency said that riders will benefit from the increased service, especially when several Queens Plaza and Court Square developments are completed.

Q69 Route

Meanwhile, the second line to get a boost in service is the Q6 that links Jamaica with JFK Airport via the Sutphin Boulevard corridor. Buses on this line currently come every 10 minutes during off-peak weekday periods and between 12 and 15 minute intervals on weekends.

The changes to both lines are part the MTA’s recently-announced “Fast Forward: The Plan to Modernize New York City Transit,” which includes improving bus service and redesigning the network throughout the city.

“We’re trying numerous approaches in the Fast Forward plan to win back bus customers by making service better for everyone,” said MTA Bus Company President Darryl Irick in a statement.

“Adding service outside traditional commute times and on weekends will benefit customers who take these routes as well as attract new customers who might be using other modes of transportation right now,” Irick added.



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The Q69 is the most UNreliable bus. I’ve often waited 30-45 minutes for this bus to Astoria. It’s incredibly frustrating, especially when the bus driver pulls up all chill, as if I haven’t been waiting out in the cold for his late ass…no accountability whatsoever! I’d be happy with ON TIME instead of some so-called “extended schedule.”


The MTA needs to avoid “BUS BUNCHING”. Tow or Three buses come together and then no bus for a half hour or more. I have witnessed this a lot on the B-62. I realize sometime the Pulaski bridge is in the up position and this happens. There are other times where that is not the case.The bus will not stop at night unless you basically walk out in the street to flag it down in the park near the Courthouse. I have had several buses pass and they saw me. The Q69 and Q66 I have witnessed “BUS BUNCHING” also.


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