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MTA president to come to LIC March 27 to discuss subway disruptions

Vernon BoulevardMarch 19, 2014 By Christian Murray

MTA President Carmen Bianco will be coming to Long Island City later this month to explain to residents why the No. 7 train service is being cut between Times Square and Queensboro Plaza for 22 weekends this year.

Bianco, who will be accompanied by a team of MTA officials, has agreed to be part of a town hall meeting schedule on March 27 at PS/IS 78 at 6:30 pm.

Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer said he called on Bianco to come and talk to the community about its plans for the No. 7 train, including the new signal system it is building. Furthermore, he said, he wanted the MTA to answer residents’ questions about the service cuts and the alternative modes of transportation.

“The MTA did a presentation for the elected officials a few weeks ago and I wanted to make sure the public heard the same information from the MTA as well,” Van Bramer said.

Van Bramer is putting on the meeting in conjunction with State Sen. Mike Gianaris, Assemblywoman Cathy Nolan and Community Board 2.

The elected officials have held several meeting protesting the fact that service is being cut for 22 weekends. Furthermore, they have called for a shuttle bus service that goes directly from Long Island City to Grand Central Terminal. The MTA has not been willing to provide such a service.

Date: March 27

Location: PS/IS 78Q (46-08 5th Street)

Time: 6:30 pm

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Why is the same anonymous poster so grouchy?! Its precisely because local businesses are hit that we protest. Not all local businesses can survive purely on local trade. We do need alternatives, not everyone is a lazy ass, thanks.


Any updates on what transpired last night? LIC Post, are you working on this right now? I’d love to hear what that MTA big shot had to say.


“The problem for me is that I want to park my car for free and then have an easy subway ride into grand central, so I can meet my friends for brunch.”


Hi everyone,

While it is a huge pain and inconvenience to have no 7 service for 22 weekends, especially to Grand Central, I think other issues need to be addressed and put into question:

1. Why is it that the MTA says they’ve made progress when, in fact, service has gotten worse?

2. I’d like to know specifically (with no marketing jargon), what components are being upgraded and when, and what the expected turnaround time is for each. That way, we can hold the MTA accountable.

3. Why is it after work is done on these select weekends, there are major service problems that following Monday?

4. If 7 service will be shut down, why aren’t more buses put on the streets?

Ultimately, an upgrade benefits us all… but nothing changes if nothing changes. I’m tired of the public relations speak!


Seems to me that the MTA won’t put in a shuttle from Vernon to GCT because it’s a huge pain – it’s true, there’s no direct route from Vernon over to GCT, it would take a long time and many twists and turns. I agree that it would be easier to walk up to the E then down one stop on the 6 HOWEVER…..has anyone thought of ferry service right to midtown then an optional bus over a couple avenues to GCT? That might work…….


The meeting will go this way. “We are still trying to recover from Sandy”. The e train is just as close from the northern buildings on the water, for the rest, get off your lazy ass and walk, you might actually find some new restaurants/bars to go to and support your local economy. Shocker to find JVB invoveld with this again.


Why does this even matter? It will change nothing except to make the useless politicians somehow look like they’re doing something, when they’re not.

At least the 7 train wasn’t shut down during this past January and February.


“I fought the law, and the law won!”

Yes to upgrades at our subway station.

The main issue is that buses go north to Queensboro Plaza, not straight into Grand Central Station.

If the MTA is providing an alternative, as much as folks (some like going to Queensboro versus going to Grand Central), I don’t think there’s much of a case.

Sonny L.

We pay the MTA enough that they can and SHOULD provide this service. THAT is ridiculous.


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