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Lottery for Rockrose’s affordable units is taking place, applications due Nov. 30


Nov. 17, 2016 Staff Report

The lottery for an affordable unit at Rockrose’s latest Court Square tower is taking place and low-income applicants have until November 30 to apply.

There are 195 affordable apartments on offer contained within the 974-unit complex, called the Hayden, which is located at 43-25 Hunter Street. The apartments are for individuals or families who earn no more than 60 percent of the Area Median Income, or about $55,000 for a household of four.

There will be a 50 percent preference for Community Board 2 residents, an area which incorporates Sunnyside, Long Island City and most of Woodside.


For an application click here.

The Hayden is Rockrose’s third major development in Long Island City. The firm finished the 429-foot-tall, 709-unit Linc LIC nearby in 2013 and the 31-story 47-05 Center Boulevard in 2007.

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Linda Lupo

Please I NEED a Studio or 1 Bedroom ,Thank You , Very Desperate ” in a Crowded apartment an i Have Leave ” ASAP Yours Truly LINDA !!!!!!

Silent majority

That is a misconception. While there area few ultra-luxury apartments mostly in Manhattan that have tried that tactic but the ones I have seen and never heard from again is that there is no difference in the “affordable” units and the full price units.


While these housing lottos do help a small amount of people the real recipients of the ‘benefits’ are the developers and sponsors that reap huge incentives and profits. The handouts are greatly skewed in their favor, not in the favor of the 200 out of 1000 units that are in the program. They are also ripe with nepotism in my experience (this was a problem in the first building in lic after the rezoning).

Silent majority

You are so right. There is no oversight so basically they can hand pick the tenants. That is only after you are required to pay for a “credit check”. 1500 applicants x 50= $75,000 all in someone’s pocket. Oh yea I forgot no personal checks money orders. Untraceable.


Actually the building I’m referring to would work down it’s list of people applying for the units disqualifying in various ways until they hit the applicant they knew/wanted. Units were basically held. Applicants passed over if they didn’t accept the unit immediately upon interview and written off the list. Simply asking for a day to think about it would cost you your spot. Contractors and insiders would reap from these tactics. BTW, this was based on my personal experience and knowledge, not hearsay.

Silent majority

The affordable housing lottery is a scam. I have been called for two apartment interviews and after they complete the interviewing process and they tell you that you are approved they ask for the fee they request for the credit check which is anywhere from $25-$75 you do not hear from them again. There is no way to contact anyone just an email that no one responds to. I will be contacting the media and any my councilmen and anyone else that will listen to me regarding this scam.


wow we make less then $30k and pay $1200 on time for the last 10 years and we are too poor to qualify……


Reading these comments I suddenly understand why that ‘I make 10k per day working from home click here’ comment forum scam works.


All the idiots responding to this thread saying they need an apartment are a testament to why they aren’t making it in the first place: failure of logic, failure to understand instructions, and an expectation of handouts. This trifecta should be allowed to starve under a bridge if they cannot provide for themselves.


So sick of do nothing’s living in luxury while those of us who bust or asses and work get NOTHING! This has to stop.


The people that posted they need an apartment do not have the skill set to probably get one, so I wouldn’t worry about them. The concern is why would we need subsidized housing to be begin with? And there isn’t even any screening or strict criteria to qualify for one if your income falls in the guidelines. My understanding is you can live in a co-op or condo and still qualify for one if your income is within certain guidelines.


I have a 120k student loan. I make 170K, work 70 hours a week and I am one of your sponsors.

I will continue to pay 2500 for a studio and keep my stuff in a storage. Probably will not be able to buy where I leave for many many years…

Unless you are a teacher, firefighter or a policeman you should not qualify for affordable housing that people like me sponsor…


Agreed. My wife and I have a soon-to-be 9 month old son and make too much for 95% of affordable housing programs and they are giving brand new luxury apartments to people that can barely scrape by in Ithaca

Ridiculous. De Blasio is a bum


Anyone who has 120k of debt, works 70 hrs a week and pays 2.6k in rent to live in a studio is an effing sucker.

Come on!

Are you people seriously posting in the comments that you need an apartment?

Click the link and apply!


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