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Long Island City restaurant PokeLICious no longer in business, marshal repossesses property

Photo: Queens Post

June 23, 2017 Staff Report

Another Long Island City restaurant has closed.

PokeLICious, which opened at 5-37 51st Avenue in December, is no longer, with the space cleared out and a marshal’s notice slapped on the door saying the property has been repossessed by the landlord.

PokeLICious took over the space that was occupied by the Beer Closet and offered poke, a Hawaiian dish consisting of raw fish and Asian influenced seasonings.

The restaurant was owned by Sam Kim and Katie Kim (no relation) who had run Korean Style Fried Chicken out of Bricktown Bagel at 51-06 Vernon Boulevard until earlier this year.

PokeLICious did maintain a partnership with the Beer Closet since it was selling its beer at night. The Court notice on the door lists the Beer Closet as the tenant.


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Mister Charlie

If Poke was subleasing from Beer Closet and Beer Closet wasn’t passing on the rent, the landlord would have likely just approached Poke and try to cut a deal to keep the space tenanted. Most likely, Poke wasn’t doing business because of the issues referenced above (overpriced, small portions and not a ton of selection outside of the few Poke bowls).


Just hypothesizing a possible scenario.

Could be that since Beer Closet was the tenant, perhaps they were subleasing from Beer Closet and BC wasn’t forwarding the rent to the landlord.

Also soulb just be that there isn’t any money in high priced poke.


This would actually make a lot of sense. If so, too bad the
Pokelicious people got screwed.

Locked Horns

this is what i posited to my wife the other night. i’m sure Beer Closet was subletting the space, collecting rent from Pokelicious and pocketing the money.


Poke was expensive, took forever to make, and the place was a bit dirty….makes sense to me.


There poke was good, but it was VERY overpriced. Higher price and smaller portion of same quality as most Manhattan locations


That’s a shame. I actually liked their offering and was looking forward to the possibility of them serving the Korean dishes they had at Bricktown in the evenings.


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