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Local Republican blasts Van Bramer, claims councilman’s post-election messages are ‘divisive’

Van Bramer holiday card

Jan. 10, 2017 By Hannah Wulkan

A local Republican leader has condemned Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer for using “divisive” rhetoric since Donald Trump won the presidential election in November.

Marvin Jeffcoat, an army veteran who ran for State Senate against incumbent Michael Gianaris last year and garnered just 14 percent of the vote, released a letter to the community denouncing Van Bramer.

Jeffcoat specifically took issue with his holiday card, which featured Van Bramer’s staff holding cards with messages such as, “I am Muslim & Catholic,” and “I am a feminist.”

Van Bramer’s message said “I am ready to fight,” speaking to his feelings on the presidential election.

Jeffcoat included in the letter an imitation of Van Bramer’s card with other community members holding signs reading “I am a taxpayer” and “I support the NYPD,” among others.

Jeffcoat also included a “Divisive Rhetoric Timeline” with the letter, pointing to instances he believed to be offensive, including Van Bramer’s “Queens Values” march to Trump Tower and wording in several of Van Bramer’s public emails.

Specific wording Jeffcoat pointed out as offensive included the phrases “in a world of bullies,” “so in this time of uncertainty,” and “we were confronted by bigotry.”

“Our elected officials must be reminded they take an oath to represent all of us despite any party affiliation. We all deserve the respect and service of our government representatives,” Jeffcoat wrote. “As a community we must condemn and look past inflammatory rhetoric aimed at dividing us. We need to band together to address the serious issues impacting our neighborhoods.”


“Sadly, a local politician thought it was appropriate to use divisive and at times hurtful stereotypes to send a message to those who did not vote for the same presidential candidate as angry Jimmy Van Bramer,” Jeffcoat wrote.

Van Bramer hit back at Jeffcoat’s characterizations of his views and his holiday card.

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” Van Bramer responded in reference to the card. “I congratulate Marvin on his version of my holiday card. However, I think Marvin misunderstood the message of my card. It was hopeful and meant to be inspirational. It is a celebration of who we are as individuals, as a neighborhood, a city, and ultimately a nation. I’m proud of our work, which is first and foremost about serving every constituent, regardless of political affiliation or which presidential candidate they supported.”

“The truth is, I am only angry when people with disabilities are mocked, women are sexually assaulted, immigrants are scapegoated, and our Muslim neighbors attacked. Indeed, we should all be angry when those things occur, and we should fight for true equality for all,” Van Bramer added.

Jeffcoat’s card

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I believe many people have been misguided by JVB’s rhetoric. Trump needed to do vetting right away so the terrorists did not come before the vetting. Some innocent people were detained. It is a small price to pay so terrorists won’t kill more Americans. We don’t want another France or Belgium style attack here, do we? Terrorists will always hate us, this will not cause more to hate us as they already do. We are at war whether you realize it or not with terrorists.


Dear Friends,
I’ve been attacked! Why you ask? For standing up for our Queens values and calling out bigotry and racism. See for yourself here:…
Together we will show our resolve to those who want to stifle, divide, and ultimately diminish. So I need your help today!
Could you give $25, $50, $100 or more today?
I have an important financial deadline that ends tonight at midnight. Your contribution is critical to showing the support I have, but also to tell my detractors that if they want a fight, it’s an uphill battle.
Help me with my goal by giving today!
I could not do the work I do without your support!
Jimmy Van Bramer
P.S. Your support means the world to me. Please support my campaign with a contribution of $25, $50, or $100 today.

Unbelievable –


whatever happened to JVB re-election kickoff party it seems he never posted much about it the monies he was asking was out of this world — how dare he


8 years of Trump. Soak. It. in. Liberals. I am going to enjoy this.

for your sake, i hope there isn’t a run on safety pins.


8 years, maybe. If there is another war, and there is always another war to get into, then probably yes. Regardless the next 4 or 8 years (unless he’s impeached) is bound to be politically incorrect comedic gold that will be quite entertaining.


Would be great if LIC wasn’t full of liberal trash? HRC will NEVER be president. I have never been so happy. Seeing liberals so unhappy has been very enjoyable to watch.


“As a community we must condemn and look past inflammatory rhetoric aimed at dividing us. We need to band together to address the serious issues impacting our neighborhoods.”

Jeffcoat, it seems from your quote above that you agree with what JVB is doing. I hope to see you condemn the inflammatory and divisive rhetoric that your candidate (Pres. Cheetos) continues to spew.

Dorothy Morehead

While I disagree with his politics, Mr. Jeffcoat is an honorable man who has served his country and who continues to assist our servicemen and women by supporting them in the VA hospitals. I love JVB’s card as well as that of Mr. Jeffcoat. And with a nephew and friends on active duty, I, too, am ready for peace. Disagreement should not equal disrespect.

Arnoldo Morales

Who in heaven is Marvin Jeffcoat? He certainly DID NOT win the State Senate election; and obviously, is poorly informed and did not follow the Presidential Election debates. So, Mr. Jefcoat (whoever you are), do you agree with the divisive; discriminating; offensive remarks your hero Donald Trump so publicly directed to women; immigrants; blacks; veterans; people with disabilities? Do you support and applaud the violence; disrespectful; vulgar and arrogant behavior displayed and promoted by Donald Trump during every and all of this debates? If you do, Mr. Jeffcoat, the next time an emboldened white supremacist look down on you and/or any member of your family because the color of your skin and/or tell you you don’t belong in America, don’t blame him/her; blame the candidate of your choice for enabling such anti-American, anti-democratic, irrational behavior who allied himself with the Russians to tamper with the elections. Your values and priorities, Mr. Jeffcoat, have been severely distorted. Take the blindfold off your eyes. You have been “assimilated and indocytrinated” by the rhetoric of the uneducated masses led by Donald Trump. Shame on you!

Barbara Pisick

I am thrilled that Van Bramer pushed for and got better and more frequent #7 trains especially 8 pm and after

Wayne in NYC

Mr. Jeffcoat, JVB was elected to represent this area and this area REJECTED Von Drumpf by an overwhelming majority, so therefore he IS representing our values and our feelings about the new Putin Puppet who weaseled his way into the White House with Russia’s assistance. If you don’t like it, you can try running for political office again, but having only gotten 14% the last time, it might be a waste of money since people have already REJECTED you and your political views once. Can’t deal with rejection? Neither can Trump, but we will continue to reject his divisive, racist, anti-women (since some people don’t understand the word misogynistic), privileged, white supremacist leadership as long as it takes. #NotMyPresident


Russian! Fake News! Putin! White Supremacy! Infowars! Wikileaks! RACISM! SEXISM? XENOPHOBIA! … any more liberal excuses … #HILLARYISNOONESPRESIDENT

Trump " Make New York Great Again"

It’s because of men and woman like Jeffcoat that gives you the freedom to live here. You Liberals won’t even serve at your local community centers, never mind in our military. Why don’t you pack up and move to Canada. Oh yeah that’s right Canada wants nothing to do w/ your kind.


Does Jeffcoat understand the word “divisive”? He must be getting it mixed up with inclusive. He seems to have a lot in common with the President Elect, they both need to get a dictionary and thesaurus. Biggely, biggely, biggely…


Funny how an image that includes local people from all walks of life can be considered “divisive.” A message of unity and inclusion is divisive to nobody except to people who want to divide us.

Tony Monteleone

Jeffcoat needs to either “open his eyes” or move. NYC is a melting pot of Americans and Jimmy Van Bramer’s messaging reflects this. NYC. is not place for this attitude. We do not need this is our area. We have enough problems nationwide in a few weeks.

Astoria Resident

Another jerkoff. He should move because he disagrees with you? He should open his black eyes so he can see that Queens is a diverse neighborhood. OMG can people even THINK anymore?


Aw, I LOVE it when right-wing crazies complain about NY’s liberal politics yet they choose to live here! Query why Turncoat doesn’t relocate to a conservative bastion like Alabama? Could it be because those God-fearing, Christian Southerners embrace his politics but not his skin color?


I am not a millenial. I would rather be called a liberal than a millenial. I work on wall street, hard to get a job like this in other parts of the country.

Astoria Resident

I agree Dex. What do you expect from a State run by Cuomo and a City run by DiBlasio?

Astoria Resident

Hi JB, a little bit of reality and then a few questions you should ponder. I was born and raised in NY and my whole family lives here. I should leave because I disagree politically with some of my fellow NYers? We don’t get to disagree with you? We should just leave? We should live in States that always agree with us? One: We would no longer be a “United” States, we would be a “Collection” of States. Your post was very disrespectful to Jeffcoat. Who DARE you call him Turncoat? He’s a veteran. I suspect that you’re not even a native NYers, never mind a veteran.


No need to worry. He’ll be impeached for colluding with the Russians. Unless, you good republicans are going to defend your guy being a traitor.

Wayne in NYC

How is he going to be impeached? They all defend and support him in everything! They’re all complicit in making us the new USSA under Putin.

Astoria Resident

If you consider “unsubstantiated” and “unconfirmed” reports rumors real news. Yahoo had a headline today claiming the US Intelligence Officials say Trump’s Dossier is a threat to National Security. What Clapper ACTUALLY said was that the “leaks of this unverified report” was the threat to our security.

Trump Steaks

I love theses Trump people, sorest winners ever! Trump’s daily twitter hissy fits are a real joy. I hope his supporters can come to terms with him not delivering on any promises. Sad!

Jimmy Van Bramer is a crybaby

Hey JVB, when is your childish temper tantrum and self-righteous circle jerk going to end? Hillary lost two months ago, grow up and deal with it like a mature adult.


If Jeffcoat wants to be a politician he should move to Alabama cuz Queens doesn’t put up with that kind of bigoted trolling nonsense.


How do you debunk something that was caught on film and that everyone has already seen? You might be living in 1984, but the rest of us remember (and still have access to) the footage.


Go watch that video of his comments about the reporter and others instances where he mocks Rubio and more
He does seem to exaggerate the action more in the video that pertains to the reporter
Clearly though, Trump is just a big baby that has to spaz out every time he speaks negatively about someone
Adults don’t mock people, and neither do leaders.

Astoria Resident

Like Hillary who didn’t call some American people deplorable. Like that? Obama has employed nothing but us vs. them rhetoric since the day he took office. A lot of what Trump said was indefensible, but I’ve been pretty offended plenty of times by things Obama has said. Like making fun of Americans as people who “cling to their guns and religion (atheist are we Obama?) and are afraid of folks who don’t look like them”. Racists are we Obama? Thanks. He’s hatred of guns is probably why he insists that the Secret Service don’t carry any. And no Mr. Obama, I don’t have “racism in (my) DNA” thanks.

Wayne in NYC

“DEBUNKED”???? Are you Helen Keller in disguise? Do you not have eyes and ears? If Trump told you supporters that the sky isn’t really blue, that it’s actually green, you’d all believe him blindly. He threw a woman with a baby out of his rally. He literally said “THROW THEM OUT” when anyone disagreed with him. He offered to pay any expenses for those who beat up protesters at his rallies. You must be really proud to have a pussy grabbing misogynistic racist as your leader. The rest of us ARE NOT! #NotMyPresident


Hahaha, citing a Breitbart article to “debunk” a claim against Trump is like citing your mom to back up a claim that you are a handsome young man.


i’m sorry but I as a disabled person I know you are wrong he DID mock that seem blinded by party lines. dems or reps,people especially politici
ans need to own up when they make a mistake.thats how you gain the respect and votes of all of America. no one is above being called on their abusive language or for mocking others.


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