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Large LIC contingent chartering bus to Washington for Trump protest march

Jan. 20, 2017 By Hannah Wulkan

A group of Long Island City residents will be making its way to Washington tomorrow to participate in the Women’s March as they aim to put President Donald Trump on notice that he must respect people’s human rights.

Several LIC leaders have chartered a bus to make the trip, which will be carrying 55 residents to represent Long Island City and Queens. The march is expected to draw thousands of protesters from all over the country.

Mary Torres, a local resident and co-organizer, said that she and her fellow organizers, Community Board 2 member Sheila Lewandowski and local business owner Leslie Nilsson, felt that going to the Women’s March was important because it was a peaceful way to show Trump that he represents people from all walks of life.

“We want to make sure to show the full representation of who [Trump] works for now,” she said.

The bus will be packed to capacity, and Torres said that they had to start a waiting list for other community members who wanted to participate.

Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer will also be heading to Washington on the bus, along with members of his staff. He has been vocal in his concern over

Mary Torres, CB2 member

Trump becoming president, hosting a #QueensValues march from LIC to Trump Tower, and hosting a community speak out following the election.

After Trump was inaugurated earlier today Van Bramer tweeted, “I watched and listened to every word. I felt I must. Too much campaign rhetoric. So little to uplift. Just saying “United” doesn’t unite us.”

“This will be first time marching in D.C. for many of us and we’re really proud to have LIC and Queens represented,” Torres said.

The bus will leave from Vernon Boulevard and 50th Avenue at 5 a.m. tomorrow morning and will return tomorrow night.

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You were conned

So the same people who are against development of LIC are also Trump supporters.

Ironic, yes – Surprising, no.

Kramden's Delicious Marshall

When can we expect a word from JVB condemning the vandalism and violence committed by the anti Trump protestors the last two days? If I don’t hear one, that means he approves of this unlawful behavior.

Putin ate my apple

Why are they going all the way to DC? There are Starbucks windows they can toss an garbage can through right here in Sunnyside.


“This is not how anything gets changed.”?? Women’s vote. Civil rights. Ending Viet Nam. It’s exactly how things change.


So, what is the single-minded demand of these protesters? Be specific…women’s voting rights, civil rights, and ending Vietnam are very clear goals. The protests this weekend seemed more about purging the id than anything else. Who’s mind are they trying to change?


Well intended but severely misguided. This is not how anything gets changed. Yes you are free to protest if your rights have been violated but, that’s not the case here. It’s Just whining because your candidate lost. Many of us are concerned about “row vs. wade” and don’t want to see any of our citizens lose the right to control what happens with their own body but, this protesting a fairly elected president is just utter nonsense.


trump never ever said that he is going to take women’s rights away but you have people like clinton that approved of full term abortion which is so very wrong — and she is wrong thank god she is not the president — and look at what they found out about planned parenthood — read up –


What a contentious and aggrieved people we have become. Lawyering every issue despite how minute, regurgitating political views feed to us, jumping to conclusions, and letting political correctness outweigh truth. Shouldn’t actions speak louder then words, not the other way around.


What idiot thought of this great idea…? Who said that he (Prsident Trump) would not respect Human Rights? He has DAUGHTERS! Stop complaining and stop trying to divide American society people…


JVB started this whole entire thing beginning from marching over the 59th Street bridge — morons at their best –


HAHAHA – Do I support, JVB’s efforts? Yes, because he continually works for the needs of his constituents better than any city counsel member I’ve ever met. For you to state that well over 500,000 people converged on DC and over 250,000 to NYC yesterday was because JVB marched over the 59th Street Bridge is beyond reaching.


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